Q. What Makes Your Cheap Website Better Than My $3000 Website?

A. The Dominating factors for a good website is its content, content layout and content relevance, here are a few reasons why some web developers can't get your website found on Google and certainly not on the first page of Google -

1. They don't know how to! most web developers learn how to build websites, they don't learn how to market or optimise them for the searchers looking for your product or service!


2. The web developers that care about the search-ability of your website and think they know how to optimise your website simply don't know how to do it effectively and lack the right tools to do it effectively and more often than not we find they do a very poor job on websites they build.

3. There are many ways to optimise the search-ability of a website but many web developers will point you toward paid methods of getting your business out there, this can be a good idea IF YOU CAN JUSTIFY THE ADDED COST!!; but paid advertising is not the best way!

4. Some web developers will build you a expensive flashy website with pretty pictures and design work that is not relevant to your product or service they have a few area's that may refer to your product or service but Google can't understand it because of the layout so ignores it and gives it a poor ranking! However a good cheap website can be straight to the point laid out correctly and dominate Page 1 on Google!

5. Keywords, I don't think I have met a web developer to this date that really understands the meaning of the term (not word) but term Keyword, I can look at a website in the front page and from that page I can access the Keyword list, Description content and other information relevant to the websites general makeup.

What everybody wants and needs is a SEARCH ENGINE DOMINATING but CHEAP WEBSITE that won't break your bank. Effective marketing of one's products and services online is paramount in today's business world; search engine ranking can be the ruling difference between you and your competitors. I have witnessed some poor search engine optimisation on some very expensive looking websites but equally I see what looks like an army of quality cheap website's dominating page 1 on major search engines.

Unfortunately many web developers still feed their clients rubbish or in many cases limit what information they give to their clients at all in fear of the client learning THE TRUTH, whatever the truth may be. One thing is for sure times are changing people are asking more questions about their websites, questions like "can I add content to my website?" and "can I put the photos in that I want?" and the one that I used to ask a long long time ago - "can I get a website that I can completely manage?", I have heard so many different answers to those questions it's becoming ridiculous.

I also find it amusing how web developers who charge thousands of dollars to build websites, make claims that their expensive looking website's attract more customers when in reality it's been proven that if you take two equally handsome looking plumbers and gave one an average but quality and likely cheap website, then gave the other a 00 plus website people are likely to contact the average one first because they are scared that the Plumber with the expensive looking website will be exactly that "expensive".

It's fair to say this topic needs more deliberation however "cheap website" or "00 plus website" you be the judge.

Q. What Makes Your Cheap Website Better Than My 00 Website?

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  1. Website need not to be expensive. As long as it has quality and search engine dominating then it can make your business known.