Best Anti-Aging Cosmetics! - Dr Oz's Top Tips to Hydrate-Diminish-Eliminate Wrinkles!

There are just a few anti-aging cosmetics that really pack a punch!

Dr Oz believes that to stand your best chance at eliminating wrinkles and hydrating your skin you should tackle anti-aging on two fronts.


The first and often most overlooked method for eliminating wrinkles is to take Resveratrol.

Resveratrol is an anti-oxidant found in the skin of grapes and roots of certain plants but when consumed over long periods, Resveratrol acts by scrubbing and cleansing your arteries.

Why is this beneficial?

Because having healthy arteries leads to a healthy heart which increases longevity.

There is much debate about a number of other benefits Resveratrol can be attributed to but longevity is a definite "Yes"!.

However, Resveratrol also replenishes the skin as the natural anti-oxidants consumed day in day out help rebuild cell tissue by repairing the free-radicals which cause acne and premature wrinkles.

This is unheard of really in the west as Resveratrol is mainly known for its longevity attributes. This is understandable seeing as the U.S and Europe have some of the most appalling artery related fatality cases, so the fact that there is a "tab" to address this comes as welcome news many.

The second key to eliminating wrinkles is if Resveratrol is accompanied with an anti-aging cosmetic such as Amino Genesis or DERM Acai.

Both of these anti-aging cosmetics contain extremely high ORAC levels and are rich in Amino Acid minerals, which Dr Oz believes contain a powerful combination of nutrients crucial if you are looking for an anti-aging cosmetic that delivers with a kick!

Best Anti-Aging Cosmetics! - Dr Oz's Top Tips to Hydrate-Diminish-Eliminate Wrinkles!

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