Intelligent solutions for Samart women's fashion

Intelligent solutions for intelligent women's fashion

Some people argue that the highest level of intelligence will be more attention to fashion. Speaking of intelligence related to fashion, the following, we present some of the fashion intelligent solutions. This may be your reference to a source of inspiration for fashion due consideration. It also allows you to eliminate boredom with fashion styles that are applied during this time. With the latest development in intelligent, can fight against boredom. Here are some:

Custom removable heels as one of fashion intelligent solutions: a fashion item for women's commitment to look is sexy heels. But even the rhythm of the use of high-heeled shoes are designed to increase self-esteem. However, the resulting fatigue is unbearable. A shoe brand called Sheila wheel, the creation of high heels can become flat shoes in an instant by removing his heel. So you no longer need to perform other more comfortable shoes in the bag.
Jeans with a button setting innovation: bloating or fat can be a problem when used jeans. This condition is sometimes seen almost everyone is wearing jeans after a meal, the size of the pants feel tight and oppressive. A new innovation called adjustment of a button, can solve this problem. At the waist there are two buttons that can be moved to adjust the waist of jeans instantly. This product may increase or decrease the width of each waist pants up to 4 cm. This is one smart solutions for fashion, you can try.
Salsa Fits my life, reversible denim: a European brand of jeans, salsa fits my life, the design of a single pair of jeans that can be loaded and from the point of a pair of jeans, you can get two different views of jeans. One side is a dark blue trousers, bright colors, while the other side. When one side of the pants dirty, just turn around and look perfect. Jeans are called both priced at upscale boutiques in the U.S. $ 179.
Tweakerz belt bra: ramp can sometimes be very annoying, when suddenly on the top of the tank that you wear. To overcome this problem, you can use Tweakerz as a solution. Tweakerz is a rubber tire which can be attached to the back of the strap bra and put inside. Hopefully these solutions intelligently can help overcome problems that may arise.


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