Makeup tips Diary- Dolce Gabbana and provocative examination Blush,

Dolce Gabbana and provocative examination Blush, Photos and samples!
Dolce and Gabbana Light provocative Color Cheek ($ 44) is a way cool tone pink powder blush (pink) with a matte finish. Although it is interesting nuances, I think it's too cold, and would be suitable for skin tones warm and cold. Obviously, I have no heat, medium skin, and works well on me, without the support or the appearance of violet ashes.

I also used this color in my fake tan has disappeared, and fair skin, gives a natural color of the cheeks. It's a bit of thinking cheeks turn pink skin just after a light jog. When running races yesterday, I had to stop several times in the mirror and admire how beautiful it is!

The texture is smooth and very finely ground, so there should be no problem with mixing.

The pigmentation is good - where you want a bright color, as that is, it will not end as practical. It is always best to use the blush brush and apply it to your cheeks and back for more if needed, instead of going full force at once.


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