Bar Refaeli for wet laundry Under.

Bar Refaeli Gets Soaking Wet for Under.Me Lingerie 

Bar Refaeli Shows SA Athletic figure, dressed in comb Bernier frolic son Under.Me IN pour laundry room. She saw one summer to the liver choses LAST manly.

The Israeli model was with the casting Working Designs brand equity and Chaleur reach She was a model of the English lines IN Itself not name some sports ad inspiration.

Previously, It Seems Playing tennis with her panties IN. May be adequate for the campaign, Because it joined the Olympic year, and there will be a LOT of the publicity surrounding the London Games.

Discover Bar pictures, click to enlarge.

"I think I look my best when I feel comfortable. When it comes to coat underwear," I model on the site 27 years Under.Me said.

"The Month of underwear, the nearest EST My body garment and importing That, I WANT to complete it and not steal the star. There is nothing better than a simple, comfortable and quality clothes, "he adds.

Mon toil That I'm a terrible Wants All About The time for travel, A City On The Other Moving on a few and the use of the most complex Incredible. I love it, BUT In The Time of stop joint Want You live and just be myself.

I do not want that for months I Defines Clothing. And That's the idea behind - the Facts A collection of beautifully focused and based Good Who you seem to feel well. That's all I need.

"Because this month under the Real Self EST clothes. Nothing," the She-Coos. Whoo hooo.

Refaeli shaped line Chaleur subhuman through clothing movements to be a man, cigarette smoke binds, lawn mowing, pool cleaning and baseball bat A. Ah ... and, standing naked before a mirror.

Dans cette Advertising, which seems to have WITH A LITTLE SINCE see underwear shirtless and wears a bikini Bar EST tiny, which is filmed underwater swimming. Look, oh, so elegant ... and sexy. Take a look below and above some screenshots.


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