Candice Swanepoel bold, defiant in Vogue Italia

Candice Swanepoel bold, defiant in Vogue Italia

Candice Swanepoel is a swimsuit supermodel of Victoria's Secret in the past two years, but it takes sensuality to new heights in Vogue Italia, following the bold clothing with provocative nudity.

Swanepoel, 23, brings a kaleidoscope of colors in the spring fashion clothing including Paisley, mult colored stripes and other designs of Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Roberto Cavalli, Lanvin and others.

Photographer Mario Sorrenti captured the images flickering Model South Africa 23 years in a series of photographs entitled "Be brave."

candiceswanepoel vogueitaly01 780x1040 Candice Swanepoel Bold, Defiant in Vogue Italia
Candice is bolder and more, as she defiantly changes his shirt open to reveal her breasts. His audacity knows no bounds when lying on his back, head, apparently centered in a remote location.

In other plans, arches and throws his hands around his head, which is always armed so suggestive side.

Swanepoel couture literally jumped. It was discovered in a Durban flea market at age 15, and a year later Swanepoel was earning $ 10,000 per day for fashion shows and appearing in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, GQ, Harper 's Bazaar, and Ocean Drive.

She is no stranger to Vogue Italia. He covered the March 2011 edition. She was named highest paid models by Forbes tenth in the world "list, with estimated revenue and $ 3 million between 2010 and 2011.

She is probably best known as the Angel of Victoria Secret, and she received the honor in 2010. He covered swimming brand catalog and launched its new design, the "Miraculous Push-Up" bikini.

"I love the collection of swimming and I have always wanted to get the catalog in my mailbox every year," he gushes.

Apparently so do thousands. The catalog is becoming so popular, that starts to compete with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


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