Preparing for the beach are more expensive than the actual Holiday

Preparing for the beach are more expensive than the actual Holiday

Girl on the beach - holidays
A recent study of British women revealed that preparations for the collector of beach holidays take a lot more time and money than the vacation itself! The summer season seems to be demanding that British women are preparing to divide the average amount of £ 472 to secure the best look set to make a step towards the beach. Apparently, the beauty products that cost them twice a week on the Costa del Sol
According to Debenhams information hairdressers, manicurists women scanning, pedicure, spray tanning, dyeing and waxing eyebrows (the most popular items) in an attempt to reveal strong more beautiful than ever. Debenhams said Sara Stern get a bikini is not by far the only thing a woman knows she is going to attract attention. Buying a set of beauty products is a must, and it is probable that women fall for holiday bargain, there is no chance that you will be satisfied with anything but best things in stores.
There is the case of early application of makeup on the day of flight - the whole beautification process can take up to 11 hours, most of the time of flight from the United Kingdom, Mexico. Women usually start with massage two or three weeks before the holiday begins and off with wax and spray yesterday.

Bad weather over Britain that made the need for spray tanning even more desperate, Ms. Stern said - many women do not dare to walk with bare legs feels spray tanning urgent needs , placing them firmly the list of most popular products.

Although it is only a week off for most women who believe that it is a lot of money problems and splatters doll for the occasion, according to the study. The Debenhams Beauty "are struggling to cope with a flood of appointments of women about to go on holiday - work for three weeks seem to enjoy seven days looks pretty good!


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