Summer Sunless Tan in Ventura

Summer Sunless Tan in Ventura

In the spirit of celebrating our country's independence this month, Ventura Tan, natural leader, airbrush tanning and sunless tanning products organic, proudly declare their independence from the risks of sun damage with a variety of products summer tan. Ventura Tan prides itself on providing the best quality products for those seeking a real tan without the harmful rays of the sun.

 Satisfied customers are celebrities, models and movie studios are artists.
"Julio has to do with independence, and with the summer season in full swing tanning, it's time for serious tanners to declare their independence from the risks and negative health effects of tanning," says Sheila Brown Director Marketing, Ventura Tan ". Airbrush Sunless Tan Ventura is not only a safer alternative to traditional tanning, but also provides a more natural, lasting tan tan than conventional spray. No summer is complete without a perfect Ventura Tan offers tanning and only without the health risks of sun exposure in the long term. '

According to the FDA, the traditional sun tanning involves a number of risks and health problems. These risks range from aesthetic issues such as burns, wrinkles and leathery skin, with serious health problems such as skin cancer and damage to the cornea. Founded in 2004 as a way to give customers a free natural, painless and fire health problems associated with beach tanning, Ventura Tan offers a wide range of organic and all-natural products that help customers achieve and maintain a perfect tan.
Ventura Tan offers tanning equipment and supplies both show seeks to add tanning without sun for their businesses as well as those looking for a summer tan in the privacy of your own home. These include a variety of organic and all-natural organic Princess line, which features sunless tanning spray, body wash, tan extenders, spray butter Pineapple Scrub, vitamin E and more. Princess line also offers Ventura Tan is natural "Tan In A Can", which offers a nice tan without unsightly orange lotions another exit. "Tan in a can" is available on the "track" and "natural" color and can be applied without visiting a salon.
With a wide range of retail and wholesale that gives a natural, year-round summer tan, Ventura Tan uses state of the art technology and equipment that results in high sunless tanning. The organic, all natural products are created in laboratories approved by the FDA and can be purchased online at Ventura and tanning salons and resellers.
About Ventura TanFounded in 2004, Ventura Tan offers state of the art airbrush sunless tanning products and equipment for salons and consumers. Ventura Tan believes in a business model based on a moral and ethical business standards, safeguarding their 100 percent while offering one-on-one training and support for salon owners. Ventura Tan owner purchased the company after being diagnosed with skin cancer, the selection of Ventura Tan developed products and business model of its own beauty parlor in southern New Jersey. Ventura Tan quickly became a leader in the sunless tanning industry.


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