Natural Cosmetics Keep Your Skin Healthy

Most women enjoy wearing various types of cosmetics to enhance their appearance. Many of the different types of cosmetics on the market contain chemicals that can be harsh for your face when you use them on a regular basis. Since different women have different types of skin these cosmetics can cause the skin to dry, to become oily, and even for the skin to break out if it is sensitive.

To help your skin remain healthy you should consider using natural cosmetics. To be classified as a natural cosmetic the product can't contain artificial colors or preservatives, pesticides or herbicides, solvents, mineral oil, synthetic chemicals, or be tested on animals. All of the herbs and agricultural products used in natural cosmetics have to be organic in nature. In order for a natural cosmetic to be classified as so 95% of the ingredients have to be found on an approved list. The other 5% can be water and salt which do not have to be organic.


Many manufacturers are working hard to provide natural cosmetics to meet the demands of consumers. Some of them make only natural cosmetics and others offer the consumer the choice of which one they are interested in. With many animals rights activists encouraging consumers to boycott products that are tested on animals most manufacturers have started implementing other testing procedures.

If you are not sure if some of the cosmetics you use are natural or not you can contact the manufacturer. Take not of who that is and the codes on the product you own or you are planning to purchase. Almost all cosmetics are marketed without the ingredients being on the product so you will have to do this research on your own.

Another reason why you should find out what ingredients are in any given natural cosmetic is that some of them can cause a skin irritation or allergic reaction for some individuals. If you experience such instances when using natural cosmetics you will need to identify the ingredient responsible for it. Common ones people experience trouble with include clover blossom and almond extract.

You will have not trouble finding natural cosmetics at most retail stores or online. Make sure you purchase them from a reputable location though and that they are 100% all natural. You will pay slightly more for natural cosmetics than traditional ones but the additional price is well worth the preservation for your face. Now you can have healthy skin and still wear the various cosmetics you enjoy.

Natural Cosmetics Keep Your Skin Healthy

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