Natural Deodorants

Natural deodorants attract more and more attention of consumers. Many people have learnt already to choose their cosmetics wisely checking ingredients before buying. However, when it comes to picking a deodorant or antiperspirant, we still tend to opt simply for the most effective or, at least, advertised as such. Of course, modern lifestyle requires avoiding unpleasant smell almost at any cost, but as certain ingredients of the most popular deodorants are suspected to be carcinogenic or related to Alzheimer's disease, the cost can result too high.

This is the reason why so many people are searching for all natural deodorants and so many manufacturers market their products under such label. Nevertheless, many natural brands lack a reliable third-party certification of their components while average consumers get lost reading incomprehensible and incomplete ingredient lists. As well, we have to admit that many all natural products are sold due to the simple fact of being absolutely harmless, while just a couple of them actually work.


As the majority of things, different natural deodorants have different pros and cons; different people have different needs and priorities. Usually, we cannot avoid conducting our personal market research before taking an appropriate buying decision. And there is always a risk of being mislead by an unscrupulous advertisement or well masked anti advertisement. Even so, there exist a number of basic guidelines to keep in mind: it is always better to stick with properly certified natural products, avoid strong antibacterial and aluminum compounds and take care of synthetic fragrances, especially if a manufacturer does not disclose any information more then just a word "fragrance". Me personally, I would also recommend to choose items in environment friendly packages that can be easily recycled.

Probably, even after conducting a substantial deodorant market research, due to an unclear labeling or lack of some knowledge you may find yourself confused and unsure of what is really safe and natural. In that case, a good option is to try a couple of easy home made deodorant recipes that you can find on the Web. You can easily buy the ingredients of such deodorants in local stores or purchase them on line; they typically include essential oils, baking soda, starch, beeswax etc. Remind that before applying a deodorant that contain any ingredient that is completely new for you, for example, some essential oil, it is recommended to apply a small quantity of it on a reduced area of skin (avoid visible areas) and wait around 24 hours to check if you have any allergic reaction on it.

Natural Deodorants

Of course, many of you may still have some unresolved particular questions concerning deodorant health risks. I am going to continue publishing articles on this subject and many other topics related to strong and week sides of many deodorant types as well as some deodorant recipes that I find better. For additional information, visit my new All Natural Deodorant blog.

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Caviar Facial Treatment

Caviar facial treatment is one more magical regenerating, nourishing and anti aging skin care procedure you can try visiting spa salons. This treatment will stimulate even the most tired skin as minerals and caviar extracts penetrate deep into the skin and leave smooth, younger and energized skin. You will see immediate results after you leave the spa as your skin firmness will increase and your skin will rejuvenate.

Facial treatment with caviar is the most exquisite nature's spa thing. Visible aging marks will disappear after caviar facial procedure because caviar is exclusively active for the skin regeneration process and contribute much into the recovery of the skin.


There are several well-known product lines that combine the qualities of caviar extract and the highest technological innovations in cosmetics. This product has been about twenty years in the beauty market but its benefits have already been well tested. As extracts and creams caviar products are presented in prestigious spa salons.

Caviar extract added to cosmetics provides plenty of minerals and vitamins and reduces the signs of aging. Sturgeon caviar possesses almost mythical properties as it is a dense mass of eggs full of cells, nutrients and protection membrane. These special materials help produce life. This product is highly antioxidant, moisturizing, revitalizing, soothing and nourishing and strongly recommended for sensitive skin as well as for mature and dehydrated skin. It contains a great range of vitamins (B2, B6, B1, A, D, E), iron, amino acid, and even copper and cobalt.

According to research aging of skin is caused by sunlight, air pollution, smoke and other environmental elements but not just by passing of time. A prevention program will prevent environmental damage and serious skin diseases especially caused by the aggressions of the environment. But even the single caviar facial procedure will bring your skin almost immediate changes.

Caviar Facial Treatment

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Massage Technique - Friction


Friction movements normally make use of the balls of the thumbs (although the fingertips, knuckles or even the elbows may be used). The muscle is moved against the bone by small circular movements of the balls of the thumbs. Stand directly over the area to be treated and use your body weight to penetrate right down into the deeper tissues - the human body is not as delicate and fragile as you might imagine. This stroke is particularly effective when performed on either side of the spine. If your thumbs are not aching by the time you reach the neck area you are not performing the stroke correctly!



  • This technique is particularly useful for breaking down the knots and nodules that build up in the body due to the stresses and strains of daily life.

  • Any accumulated waste products may be eliminated.

  • Friction helps to break down the fatty deposits and is therefore of benefit in cases of obesity.

  • Friction is very effective around a well-healed scar to break down adhesions and is also used to massage around bony prominences such as the patella (knee cap).

  • It also increases the temperature by increasing cellular activity and bringing an increased flow of blood to an area providing temporary analgesia (pain relief).

Errors to avoid

  • Work deeper and deeper into the tissues gradually, as the pain tolerance levels vary greatly. Do not overtreat an area as this can lead to pain and soreness.

  • Do not hunch your shoulders with the effort (otherwise you will need a massage yourself straight afterwards).

  • Ensure that you are moving the tissues under the skin and not just the skin.

  • Use the pads of the thumbs only, avoiding digging the nails in!

Massage Technique - Friction

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Which Antiaging Cosmetics Should I Buy

Eventually we will grow old; we are not like Peter Pan and stay young forever although we may desire it. Nowadays we know a lot about aging thru scientist and research and have methods to slow the aging process altogether! Conquering aging is a complex thing to do, but we can at least prolong it and be able to enjoy it as much as possible.

Cosmetics is the Beginning Step To Antiaging


If you take a stroll in any mall you will be stunned at the variety of antiaging cosmetic products offered. However, before picking any antiaging skin care there is a few issues you must take in deliberation and they are: the budget your age and last but not least skin type. Most of us take our first step in delaying the aging process with cosmetics because it is where antiaging awareness begins, in the cosmetic aisle.

Depending on your age you will be pointed towards a particular group of cosmetics, those under 25 years old need certain things while those over 25 need other things. Probably the first feature you should think about is your age before shopping. It is never too early to start using at antiaging cosmetic product, so rest those worries in your mind about risks and whatnot.

Sadly we are exposed to environmental things that can cause premature aging of the skin everyday... things like petrol fumes, smoke, sunrays and now pollution as well! This is a very good reason to claim that it is never too early to start look younger so you feel better about yourself in the long run.

As I mentioned earlier, you age is such a factor because there are different types of antiaging cosmetics for different ages. For the younger aged the cosmetics designed provide a necessary sun protection factor. To prevent the skin from loosing its elasticity, we must apply daily moisturizing lotion daily to regain the necessary quantity of vitamins which we loose when exposed to pollution, regardless of the type.

Not surprisingly, as we age the amount of antiaging cosmetics grows larger since we are battling more issues as they naturally occur. No matter what your age is you must separate the creams you use for daytime and nighttime. Cosmetics will provide advanced care and support such as overcoming wrinkles; you would use serums with vitamins and wrinkle correctors as well as stronger sun protection factor. Using a different cream at night time will rejuvenate and replenish your skin while you are getting your "beauty rest"; also performance of the cream used is better.

A Helpful Tip

To find out the best product for you at this period and point in your life you should consult a cosmetician before purchasing an antiaging cosmetic product. They will always be able to help you with any issues you may face.

Which Antiaging Cosmetics Should I Buy

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Are Mineral Cosmetics the Best Choice For Your Skin?

Mineral cosmetics have become very popular over the last several years since many people want to reduce their exposure to the various chemicals found in conventional cosmetics. Some synthetic compounds found in conventional products are phthalates (found mainly in nail polish), ethyl acetate (found in mascara and nail polish), talc (found in eye shadow and deodorants), and petrolatum (found in almost all cosmetics). It is important for us consumers to know if these chemicals can negatively affect our skin and possibly undermine our health.

Most cosmetics sold at department stores contain a number of different chemicals and several of these compounds have been shown to be hazardous to our health. Phthalates are classified as chemical solvents and these compounds are capable of dissolving one or more other substances. Some side effects reported with exposure to phthalates are damage to various organs such as the kidneys, liver and lungs. Another toxic chemical found in nail polish is toluene. This compound is flammable and can make the nails dry and brittle. Instead of using the chemical based polishes found on the market, you could use a natural water based polish. In these natural formulas, a good percentage of the product is composed of water and not chemical solvents such as toluene and phthalates. The coloring agents in these formulas are naturally derived from carmine (a dried insect, when boiled its color is extracted), mineral sources such as the iron oxides, from beets, and a yellow spice called turmeric.


Each day a woman applies several different cosmetics to her skin, she is being exposed to many toxic chemicals including the heavy metals lead, cadmium, and arsenic. These metals are not only found in facial cosmetics but also exist in shampoo, deodorant, and perfume.

Most women use eye shadow on a daily basis and this cosmetic contains a chemical called polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP). This compound has been shown to cause an allergic reaction in some people. It is important to read all product labels before purchasing any brand of eye shadow and avoid those that contain PVP.

Lipstick is another cosmetic product that is used by women on a daily basis. News reports over the past year have detailed that this type of cosmetic contains lead and exposure to this heavy metal is especially dangerous for pregnant women. Children who were exposed to lead were shown to have impaired school performance, and a lower IQ as compared to those students who did not come in contact with this heavy metal. When choosing a safe product for your lips, select a formula that does not contain synthetic colors or preservatives and is lead free.

Natural lipsticks are a better and safer choice since they do not contain petroleum, chemical fragrances or any FD&C colors. A major ingredient in lipstick and chapstick is beeswax. The coloring agent mainly used in these products is derived from iron oxides. It is important to note that there is a natural and synthetic form of iron oxide. Natural iron oxide is mined from the earth's surface and will contain some levels of the heavy metals lead and arsenic; this compound is considered safe for use in cosmetics. Synthetic iron oxide is not a natural product and is also considered safe for use in cosmetics.

Many natural lip products also contain moisturizing agents such as shea butter, aloe vera gel, and jojoba oil since they help keep the lips moist. Since what we put on our lips is easily ingested, it is important for us to avoid those products that contain toxic chemicals or synthetic coloring agents.

If you suffer from acne or any other skin condition, it is important that you read all product labels before purchasing any cosmetics. Foundations in the form of blushes and powders highlight and add color to the skin. Some of these conventional cosmetics contain talc and these formulas should be avoided since that chemical compound has been linked with cancer. In addition, most cosmetic foundations contain mineral oil and this compound has been shown to clog pores. Any cosmetic that contains mineral oil should not be used by those people who have acne.

A healthier choice for your skin and health is to use an organic foundation. Most truly organic cosmetics will contain essential oils and they are derived from plants that have not been treated with pesticides or herbicides. The chemicals found in these pesticides can cause skin irritation and or an allergic reaction in some people. In addition, choose a foundation that does not contain talc but instead uses clays derived from either bentonite or kaolin. It is also important to avoid using any formulas that contain the synthetic preservatives methyl or propylparaben since both of these compounds are skin irritants. In addition, some medical reports have documented that these chemicals have been found in breast tissue.

As we can see, there are many benefits in using mineral cosmetics for our skin. They are not only a safer choice for us but are also non toxic and will not pose any threat to our health or the environment. It is also important for us to understand that not all so called natural cosmetics are safe. We cannot assume that if a product is labeled as natural or if it contains organic ingredients that it is chemical free. It is important for us consumers to read the entire list of ingredients on each label of the product you are interested in and research any of the compounds that you do not recognize. Take your time before deciding upon a particular brand of natural cosmetics so that you can make the best informed choice. The best formulas are manufactured by smaller companies who manufacture vegan products in smaller batches, are chemical free, and use ingredients produced from strictly organic sources. Daily use of these products will highlight your skin with vibrant natural colors and not cause any allergic reactions or pose any serious health risk.

Are Mineral Cosmetics the Best Choice For Your Skin?

Joseph Giordano has done extensive research on herbs, essential oils, and other natural compounds used to treat different health and skin care conditions. As a teenager and young adult, he suffered from acne and dry skin due to severe sun exposure. Through the use of several natural skin care formulas and medicated creams prescribed by his doctors, he was able to successfully treat his acne and dry skin conditions. He is not a medical doctor, and cannot prescribe, but offers a free educational newsletter to those who subscribe though his website at The site focuses on a variety of different skin conditions along with the natural skin care treatments used to treat those situations. The information contained on his site and newsletter should be used for informational purposes only, and not serve as a substitute for professional medical advice.

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Natural Cosmetics

The demand for natural beauty products have increased tremendously in recent years because of an evolving awareness of holistic health. Certainly chemicals and preservatives used in synthetic cosmetics have resulted in allergies, acnes, and other skin damages and that's the reason consumers are drawn to natural products.

Natural cosmetics are cosmetics produced from different nature's resources that are harmless and environment friendly. Nature has abundance of resources that are used directly or indirectly as derivatives to obtain beauty products. Natural resources offer an endless range of the best skin toners, skin creams, moisturizers, lotions and other natural skin care and cosmetics.


India is the hub of all natural cosmetics. Beauty and Ayurvedic recipes from India are renowned all over the world. Various Indian herbs and plants are widely acclaimed for their beauty recipes. Some of the most popular among them are senna leaves, moringa dried leaves, neem leaves, sandalwood, rose leaves, and lavender. Indian Aloe Vera has made a special significance all over the world because of the ultimate result the plant produces upon its usage.

These cosmetics are also referred to as herbal cosmetics as various parts of plants are widely utilized for preparing different beauty recipes. Various essential oils extracted from seeds, leaves, barks are used as major ingredients in many of the cosmetics. Some fruits and vegetables are used effectively to enhance the beauty by retaining the radiant and youthfulness of the skin. Fruits like cucumber, orange, peach, and apricot make incomparable face packs. Milk, honey, turmeric, saffron, grapefruit, lemon, yogurt and eggs are also among the most widely accepted natural ingredients. Beeswax, candelila wax and carnauba are waxes made from plants that are used as texturizer in cosmetics. Beauty products obtained from natural raw materials rejuvenate and harmonize body, skin and soul; improving the texture and moisture retaining abilities of the skin.

Not all natural products are mineral based and organic. Some of the natural beauty products comprises of minerals and organic ingredients. Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica and sericite are natural minerals found from the earth's crust. Various beauty recipes are obtained from these natural resources. Natural mineral cosmetics are free from chemicals, synthetic oils, alcohol, perfumes and other preservatives and the best option for people with sensitive skin. Natural organic skin care cosmetics are products containing truly natural and organic ingredients that leave the skin vibrant, beautiful and healthy. There is an endless range of safe and non toxic organic skin care products.

Natural Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are a blend of various different herbs that are formulated into an array of herbal cosmetics. Use these natural cosmetics to get a flawless and perfect skin.

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Tips for Purchasing Cosmetics Online

Many women are discovering just how tricky it can be to buy their cosmetics online. There are so many different kinds of cosmetic goods available as well as the people supplying them and at first you may feel overwhelmed by the options available to you. However, there are many things that you can do to make the process of buying cosmetics on line easier.

Firstly, you should consider what it is exactly that you are looking for? Are you after ones to help fight the signs of ageing, such a moisturizer or are you just looking for a new lipstick. It may be that you are interested in purchasing a classic colour of nail polish or one of the hottest lip glosses that are doing the circuit.


Really, it all depends on what you want, and you may find that certain companies manufacture exactly what you are after. By entering a specific search term into a search engine keyword box such as "eye cream" or "lipstick" rather than just "cosmetics" or "moisturizer" you will find that a more targeted return is provided to you with a choice in websites available to you.

The second tip is be careful when purchasing products from either an individual or a non-manufacturer. You will not know how long the product in question has been stored by them and the way in which they store it.

However, it is a store that you know and trust or you are may be just looking for a basic item such as hand lotion, then stick to well known manufacturers or stores. Also check with the supplier if they have a returns policy system that allows you to return the product and that you will get a full refund if the product is up to standard.

Another tip is never buy used cosmetics online. Auction sites such as eBay are very popular with people who wish to list "lots" of mixed cosmetic items, and some may be used and some not. What you must consider is that lipsticks and mascara only have a shelf life of six months it does not make sense to purchase other people's used items which are most likely out of date and not to forget the hygiene aspect as well, it just isn't worth it.

A further tip is to purchase your lipsticks or mascara directly from the manufacturer. In fact there are some companies like Aloette, Mary Kay or Avon who have sales representatives located close to where you live who you could contact and arrange for them to show their products in the comfort of your own home to your family and friends.

Using this method helps you to get facials and also try many of the products prior to purchasing them. In fact if you should decide to purchase from the company, then usually their representatives have their own personal websites so not only can you support them it still provides you with the convenience of buying the products online.

The final tip that I can give you is that word of mouth is a powerful thing. There are many sites where women have actually posted their comments and experiences on the different online companies. You may also find that many of your friends have already purchased items on line from a company that you like. You may also find that a large number of sites have beauty advisors who are able to help you find the colour and look that will suit you best.

So no matter where you decide to purchase your cosmetics from, it is wise to take into account that the prices shown online do not include shipping and tax costs as well. In fact these can add quite a large amount extra on to what you are paying, but some sites will offer you free shipping if you spend over a certain amount. Also it is an idea to keep an eye out for those sales on the web only, which will not just save you money but will provide you with the convenience of shopping from home.

Tips for Purchasing Cosmetics Online

Kerris Samson, a work from home mum living in Spain, who has set up a site for women dedicated to the various issues that we face in today's modern society. This particular site is dedicated to all things relating to cosmetics. Should you like to learn more please visit []

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Gold Cosmetics

Gold has been used from the ancient times as a luxurious and beautifying product among other things. The ancient Chinese used gold as a key product for youth and regeneration. Queens used a golden roller to massage their faces on a daily basis. Also, in India these gold "facials" were thought to make the skin more firm, to reduce the wrinkles and to give the skin a glow.

When rubbing your face with a gold roller or gold based products, the amount of blood brought to the area is much bigger so, the cellular process is speeded and this activates regeneration. The electrons that are in our cells and that are sensitive to electric charges are connected closely with the action of gold. The ions form the cells will become active under the influence of the gold and the broken cellular connections will be recreated.


The loss of tissue elasticity can be fixed and restored with the help of gold. Using gold products, the collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin will be slowed down and so the sagging skin will be gone. The growth of the cellular layer will regenerate, skin cells will be firmer and there will be a visible lifting effect.

If you suffer from sun damage or even age spots, gold can be the cure for all your skin related problems. Gold is used in a number of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, prostate cancer and as of more recently, neck and head cancer. Gold has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with skin inflammation, therefore slowing down melanin secretion.

Gold mineral has properties that can help with ageing problems and also, other healing properties and has been used for centuries and centuries. Gold can also be used for preventing the ageing process and for keeping the young and fresh look.

Gold Cosmetics

Learn how to buy gold in times of recession by professionals.

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How-To Market Your Cosmetics Business

At-home cosmetics businesses are unique in that they offer the flexibility of being self-employed but have the earning and promotion potential of larger corporations. In terms of marketing your cosmetics business, there are a large variety of benefits that you should promote, as these can attract different types of customers.

#1) Beauty benefits - The most-obvious benefit of your cosmetics business is that it makes customers more-beautiful. With customers' consent, show off before-and-afters, which show customers the profound effects of the makeup products you sell. These can be used on your signs, in your email marketing, and in a book to pass around at your makeover parties.


#2) Skin benefits - In addition to making customers more-beautiful, the products you sell also improve the skin of your customers. This is a tangible benefit which can connect with customers on an emotional level. Your products can improve their health and well-being, not just make them look more-beautiful. Use an emotional connection in all of your marketing efforts.

#3) Social benefits - Another focus of the cosmetics industry is building relationships among women. Your goal is to book appointments and parties with your clients, which are fun and exciting social events. Don't neglect the power of social interaction-there's power in numbers, and clients are more-likely to purchase more in a group because of positive feedback from the other group members. This benefits your business and also enriches the lives of your customers.

#4) Monetary benefits - In a tough economic climate, money is tight, so sell the benefit of direct interaction with a sales consultant to your clients. They often pay less for your product than they would in a department store or other retailer, plus your consultation and style tips are free. In addition, some clients might be interested in starting their own at-home business. Building your team increases your revenue, so include the great business opportunity in all of your marketing materials.

#5) Personal benefits - At-home cosmetics businesses are incredibly-empowering for the customers as well as the consultants. You've likely seen personal growth and development in your own life because of your business, so this can be a great draw for potential clients (and team-members) as well. By connecting with your clients on a personal level (even through something as simple as a car window decal advertising your business), they feel welcomed and comfortable, which will increase the amount of new bookings you receive!

The key to marketing a business like this is realizing that you have something to offer almost everyone. You'll want to use different strategies for different markets, so have a variety of marketing ideas to use-you never know when you'll meet a potential new client!

How-To Market Your Cosmetics Business

Michael Allen works as a Director of Marketing in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked with both large companies and small local businesses for over 20 years. His vast experience in the field of marketing positions him as an expert in helping businesses expand by using marketing tactics.

As a seasoned expert in Marketing and Branding, Michael has worked with a variety of different businesses, including spas and salons. His experience with beauty signs covers a variety of industries, including nail salon signs, cosmetic signs, and hair salon signs.

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