Styling of Giovanni Randall‘s - Honor Pre-Fall 2012

Thanks to the flawless styling of Giovanna Randall‘s feminine, bold, and beautifully tailored pre-fall collection, I am resassured that I will never tire of the bright fuchsia and flame red combo. I’m also especially crazy for the leather peplum blouse, the gleaming red blazer, green printed trousers, and the black lace babydoll dress – all of which I will be keeping my eyes peeled for when Honor‘s e-commerce launches in 2012!

Fashion and Style Story

Fashion Style 2012
Fashion and style are two things closely related to human life. Most humans are truly amazing and a variety of beautiful appearance. However, the views of the two categories are equivalent because they both want to be more stylish, elegant and beautiful in the eyes. This aspiration is equivalent to mature female child, male or. They fight for the innovative design and the latest equipment as the other the more amazing and elegant. They are searching the Internet and fashion magazine and additional style to the most modern equipment and appropriate for them, but unfortunately they are still struggling, but do not worry because it will not be in trouble and look longer. Do you know why? Since fashion and style great site with lots of everything. If you want to be fashionable and stylish, visit this site and get a glimpse of the world of fashion and style inside. Here in this post I want to give a single visit in the world of fashion and style. We begin our tour. Here in this website you will find everything from A to Z Equipment fashion and style. Hair Style (1): Here in this site you will find all kinds of hair styles for either men or women. These hairstyles are latest and elegant. You can apply these styles in hair.
(2) Clothing: here is the most charming dresses. Here we design new clothes for men and women, young and old. There are many special days (wedding dresses Eid dresses, special Valentine, latest design Shelwar Kameez, elegant dresses, new design, kurta Lehenga modern style of painting apron and appropriate, the latest model of Ghagra) and many other styles clothes.
(3) Make up: here, in this place, we have the latest model makeup. There are many more designs and the latest in the world. This entire structure type found in this site.
(4) Bags: there are many styles of handbags and later for women and girls. Here you will find the latest models and stylish handbags that I have seen.
(5) Jewelry because you know more about the types of jewelry available today in the market. You can find all types of jewelry here as (modern necklaces and last, new style of wedding rings, the latest earrings, bracelets modern, the latest set of wedding jewelry, watch in hand, and more)
(6) Mehndi: Mehndi here find the latest designs and fashion for each special day (Eid, Valentine, wedding, engagement, functions, parties and many more).
(7) Jackets: there are many latest designs and stylish jackets for men and women, young and old. Here you will find colorful jackets and more charming.

(8) Shoes: Most of you already know about the new models and the latest shoes for men and women, young and old. This class all the latest designs and elegant, is on this site.
(9) Perfume: here, it is also exceptional fragrances for men and women. There are many people who like to wear perfume best perfume best because it plays an important role in the attraction between men and women.
(10) hijab and niqab: Most Muslim women already known about the hijab and niqab. Hijab is a woven fabric that covers the entire body of the woman without a face, hands and feet. Niqab is also a piece of cloth used to cover the entire face. Both are very important for Muslim girls. Some other non-Muslim girls are also used as a fashion statement. Here you will find the latest designs of Hijab and niqab.
(11) Other equipment: you will also find many other things related to fashion and style as (stylish glasses, fashion sunglasses new bra design, hair band costume bracelets, nail designs fancy shampoos helpful, eyelashes, lipstick colored luxury furniture, luxury lotion, a sleek, skin care, the latest styles of home decoration many special gifts and more.

Dear visitor, if you are interested in fashion and style, so I hope you will really enjoy this world of fashion and style. All these things I have mentioned above have two types one is very expensive and the second cheapest. Remember, this site is not just for the rich, but it's the A to Z all. Here are two types of equipment. Do not forget to visit and inform others about you on this site. You can also share your comments on this site in the comments.

Women's Day Dress

Will not Have the sun, the flowers not to open; Has not liked then HAVING not happiness; Does not Have aussi the woman not to love, Without the mother, will aussi Have not the poet, will aussi Have not the hero. The International Working Women's Day is joyful!
Asymmetrical Burgundy Casual Prom DressesMother_Of_Bride_DressesSweet Dot Puffy Sleeve Polyester Womens Shirts

Yoga Clothing.

Find great deals on Yoga Clothing.Yoga is a great way to keep a healthy lifestyle.

V Neck Contrast Greu And Yellow Yoga ClothingGrape Attractive Vest Short Sleeves Yoga ClothingLovely Butterfly Bowtie Contrast Yoga ClothingWhite Loosen White Yoga PantaletsAttractive Short Vest Back Yoga Clothing 2012

Cocktail dresses In New Style

Cocktail dresses can be worn on many occasions such as homecoming, graduation, prom, and summer barbecues and so on. 

Apart from regular size cocktail gowns, we also offer plus size cocktail dresses, short cocktail dresses. You can purchase cheap and inexpensive cocktail dresses.

Anja Rubik is Angie Leg Hip New

                                             Anja Rubik is Angie Leg Hip New
Can Anja's Hip size up to Angie's Leg?
Remember "Leg Angie" Internet meme oh-so-hilarious inspired by Angelina Jolie's attitude strange power to the Oscars in February? If you have 15 minutes to spare, and Google have a long old time. Done? Bon. Now that you are on the beat, I want to introduce hip Anja Rubik, which saw its debut last night at the Costume Institute gala.
Anja Rubik's "Jolie Leg"
Jolie gave us a view of all access to the right leg when she slipped through the slit Versace dress at the thigh, once on the red carpet, and again, during the presentation of an award. Rubik, wearing a dress from the collection risked Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2012 sported a thigh that was a lot, a little higher. The white silk dress open to the full height of the hip bone Rubik, leaving little to the imagination, and to answer any questions whether or not wearing underwear with a fleshy "NO".

Angie's Leg vs. Anja's Leg
Model 28, is currently going Poles as the face of Elie Saab and perfumes Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld by Karl line.
As "Angie leg", "Hip Anja" broke into social networking with Twitter and Rubik pontificate on all fronts, surprise, ridicule or admiration. "Hip Anja Rubik just took my eye," writes @ @ AnastasiaDuck HuffPostStyle then adds. "Still I can beat Anja Rubik dress is: What is this wardrobe malfunction"
Meh. Anyway, here are some pictures of Anja Rubik crazy revealing dress, including a side by side comparison between "Leg Angie" and "Hip Anja" so that you can do at home.

Clothing Apple: iPad Maker Shilled Sweats in the 80s

Clothing Apple: iPad Maker Shilled Sweats in the 80s

Apple's line of clothing through the prism of time is hilarious in different ways as different.

Apple clothing line was marketed in 1986 - in the 80s, Apple had some importance, but much less prestige on the market now.

apple clothing line 2
And 80s were a time much less apologetic, especially sartorially. In fact, I feel bad for Apple, because no one should have their own way of 80 dispersed in the Internet mockery, because at the time they were well dressed. Oh, yes.
apple clothing line 2
Yes, the clothing line is Apple (and blog friend Simon Doonan say) totally bad taste in 2012 when he criticized the eyes, but first, the '80s were a time before we were able to take a look masstige target relatively small clothes were expensive, heavy, cut as a midwife and less focused on mixing and match pieces.

But the clothing line Apple also predates the brand upscale feel, with an emphasis on minimalism, clean lines and chrome. Elements of the clothing line Apple called "The Apple Collection" - are a snapshot of the time, and do not look so out of place in a comedy of the 80s.
apple clothing line 2
Instead of a uniform black turtleneck and jeans look, we crossed the end of Apple, Steve Jobs, leader, neon and royal blue and even logos Scripty prevailed. Online Apple also wore hats style of clothing, sweatshirts brilliant, and a series of sporting cheerful so that the Apple fanboy 80 could demonstrate their pride Apple.

The photos can you believe clothing line Apple was once offered the official mark before everything was elegant and fresh?

Sunday Owl.engagement rings

sunday owl

love these beauties from Sunday Owl.  I might be bias, but rose cut diamond rings make the prettiest engagement rings.

Candice Swanepoel bold, defiant in Vogue Italia

Candice Swanepoel bold, defiant in Vogue Italia

Candice Swanepoel is a swimsuit supermodel of Victoria's Secret in the past two years, but it takes sensuality to new heights in Vogue Italia, following the bold clothing with provocative nudity.

Swanepoel, 23, brings a kaleidoscope of colors in the spring fashion clothing including Paisley, mult colored stripes and other designs of Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Roberto Cavalli, Lanvin and others.

Photographer Mario Sorrenti captured the images flickering Model South Africa 23 years in a series of photographs entitled "Be brave."

candiceswanepoel vogueitaly01 780x1040 Candice Swanepoel Bold, Defiant in Vogue Italia
Candice is bolder and more, as she defiantly changes his shirt open to reveal her breasts. His audacity knows no bounds when lying on his back, head, apparently centered in a remote location.

In other plans, arches and throws his hands around his head, which is always armed so suggestive side.

Swanepoel couture literally jumped. It was discovered in a Durban flea market at age 15, and a year later Swanepoel was earning $ 10,000 per day for fashion shows and appearing in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, GQ, Harper 's Bazaar, and Ocean Drive.

She is no stranger to Vogue Italia. He covered the March 2011 edition. She was named highest paid models by Forbes tenth in the world "list, with estimated revenue and $ 3 million between 2010 and 2011.

She is probably best known as the Angel of Victoria Secret, and she received the honor in 2010. He covered swimming brand catalog and launched its new design, the "Miraculous Push-Up" bikini.

"I love the collection of swimming and I have always wanted to get the catalog in my mailbox every year," he gushes.

Apparently so do thousands. The catalog is becoming so popular, that starts to compete with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


Nancybird's collection recently caught my eye with it's playful color palette and distinctive Australian feel. Many of this Melbourne based company's fabrics were hand printed, using raw, earthy materials. This season's collection was inspired by the coastal landscape – bright daisies, lobsters,  warm sand, weather ship ropes, sparkling sea and sunshine.

Daria Werbowy is Red Hot in Tatler Russia

Daria Werbowy is Red Hot in Tatler Russia

Daria Werbowy career began in spurts and has been criticized by the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11 in New York. But she gave him a second chance and his career was shot a little fuzzy since then, she said.

Werbowy, who is Ukrainian across Canada, returned home for the March issue of the Russian edition of Tatler magazine.

She posed for photographer Maciek Kobielski for a spectacular session in a suite at the Pierre Hotel on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

The statuesque 5'11 "beauty has campaigned for Céline, Balmain and Salvatore Ferragamo, and it is a face of Lancôme. But if she had her way she'd rather be sailing and wear little or no.

She is known for her hair disheveled, but if it was not for her, "I shave my head, but I will not," he told the magazine.

And no artificial colors for her. "No," he said at one point. "No bright colors, I want my usual makeup natural brown pencil, mascara and lipstick neutral."
dariawerbowy tattlerRus 06 780x1011 Daria Werbowy Sends Russia Her Love
Born in Poland, although Ukrainian descent and her family emigrated to Canada when she was little, what really makes the world of a child. So what better way to express that in the sea?

She sailed for 24 days across the Atlantic with his father and his sister, and spent two months in the spring and summer, sailing from Guatemala to Panama.

"Sailing is the closest I can get to nature - it's adrenaline, fear, a constant challenge and learning experience, an adventure into the unknown," said the New York Times Magazine in May.
dariawerbowy tattlerRus 02 780x504 Daria Werbowy Sends Russia Her Love
"And of course, there is nothing better than wearing the same shirt for days and not brushing my hair for weeks," he added.

She still holds the record for opening and closing the most shows in one season, despite no longer focuses on the work track. Despite her success, she is among the 10 largest revenue models remain firmly anchored.

"I had a lot of mixed feelings about what I do ... Many times I feel that I am part of the problem when it comes to all the superficiality and vanity that impacts the way girls grow up, "she said in an interview in September 2008.
dariawerbowy tattlerRus 08 780x1010 Daria Werbowy Sends Russia Her Love
Her beauty is well recognized. She appeared nude in the 2009 Pirelli Calendar photographed by Peter Beard iconic and returned in 2011 photographed by Karl Lagerfeld.

Smacking lips sexy Emma Watson for Lancôme

Smacking lips sexy Emma Watson for Lancôme
Harry Potter Emma Watson is becoming a fashion icon, and her latest campaign for Lancôme cosmetics highlights the sophistication and sexuality in a Mario Testino photo shoot.

Lancôme has released images of their "Rouge in Love" line of lipsticks, which come in 24 colors. Watson campaign, which starts early online in February, also features "Vernis in Love" nail polish.

Lipsticks, clustered at the base bare, bright white and silver, and gold-flecked bold tones aimed at young women and adolescents.

"The idea is to make this young generation - that was a brilliant fan - reuse lipsticks," Youcef Nabi President Lancôme International, told WWD fashion magazine.

Emma signed as face of the brand in March in a state of six figures. We print and video ads Treasury Midnight Rose perfume.

"At the same time, complained that the classical lipsticks were heavy on lips. So he invented a formula that is a completely new generation of texture that is both a very intense color and six hours fit" said.
emmawatson lancome04 Emma Watson Hot Red Lips for Lancome
"We worked with Emma on the palette," said Nabi.

The behind the scenes video of the shoot was also posted on YouTube that shows the star in action on set. Sketches of a future Rouge In Love campaign also leaked. Emma is the image of a naive representations.

Emma signed as face of the brand in March in a state of six figures. We print and video ads Treasury Midnight Rose perfume.


DRESSES AND LESSONS Wearing: Marcia Moran Hamsa Stone Pendant/Melvin Elephant ring and cuff/Cross-body bag c/o Remi&Emmy/Forever21 sunglasess/H&M blazer and dress/POSH studded loafers/Necklace c/o J. Crew/Assorted Accessories Looking back on it, I’ve come to the conclusion that this dress was an absolute steal. Originally priced at almost $50 I snagged it for a mere $10 and have pretty much outfit-repeated this look on loop. It’s hard not to, as I’ve become such a sucker for sequins, which I used to absolutely abhor. But what’s even more ironic is that literally upon purchasing this dress, I was pick-pocketed right there in the store and when your a fashion blogger and your phone-less… Well you know, it’s not a good feeling. How could I be so oblivious? I’ll tell you this much it was a lesson well-learned and I guess that goes to show you that fashion and awareness definitely go hand in hand. xo
PEELS Wearing: Urban Expressions Kerry bag in brown c/o BagHaus/Edie Natural loafers c/o 80%20/Necklace c/o Lulu Frost/ASOS round sunnies/Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s denim shirt/Assorted accessories fromJ.Crew and vintage finds Adding a bit of context to outfit posts never hurt anyone did it? These photos were taken, while meeting up with fellow NYC fashion blogger Alicia Lund of Cheetah is the New Black. She introduced me to LES cafe Peels which is ultimately one of the cutest lunch spots I’ve stumbled upon in a while. After catching up about our time in the Hamptons with Rebecca Minkoff and StyleCaster, it only seemed appropriate to have a mini photo-shoot with the charming cafe as our little scenic background. These photos were the result! And as Alicia may put it on her blog, to me this was definitely a “Mini Moment” that I’ve needed this summer. So with that, I hope you guys have been enjoying your mini moments and been making some fond memories of your own! xo

Prints Lawn 2012 collection for women

   Pakistani Prints Lawn  2012 collection For women
ooooooo1 Latest Pakistani Lawn Prints By Umer Sayeed
Here is another good addition to the famous lawn prints by Pakistani Sayeed Umer famous fashion designer. It is one of the most popular designers of women community in Pakistan. Recently, Umer Sayeed has launched a summer collection with lawn wonderful variety of styles. This position impressions Pakistani lawn selective sharing in this beautiful collection of Umer Sayeed.
ssssssss1 Latest Pakistani Lawn Prints By Umer Sayeed
Long dresses are very hot in a big way today. Women like to be in this type of dress she wears them look very elegant. Umer Sayeed has designed a range of clothes in their new summer collection. The use of printing blocks fine and beautiful colors for the summer season and haute couture style hot sleeveless adds very unique colors in these fabulous lawn prints Pakistan.66666666661 Latest Pakistani Lawn Prints By Umer Sayeed
Here is a fantastic collection, with very elegant line long shirts and long Dupatta things. The use of this type of dress looks very elegant ladies provide. Women have the best professionals can use this type of clothing required for their professional environment. These dresses can even be used to celebrate an occasion during the summer too.UML 0041 Latest Pakistani Lawn Prints By Umer Sayeed
Umer Sayeed has designed dresses, taking into account the color combinations requested by the ladies to use in their summer dresses. Look down the dress. What beautiful color combination of yellow and orange was used in this elegant wear for women. The printing block boundary sexy shirt looks so wonderful.
 tttttttttt1 Latest Pakistani Lawn Prints By Umer Sayeed