Rust & Party blue dress - India Printed Churidar Dress 2013

Rust & Party blue dress - India Printed Churidar Dress 2013

embroidered dresses for summer 2012

This sleek and elegant rust and blue enamel crepe churidar suit dupatta beautiful. Ideal for any party occasion.

Cocktail Dress 2013

Antique Rose Puff sleeve dress sequin Clemente - Cocktail Dress 2013

<font color="#f78eb0"><br>*In Stock & Ready to Ship</font><br><br>LM 2012 Collection Prom Dresses Apricot Gathered Embellished Rhinestone Halter Long Prom Dress - 0 - 16<font color="#f78eb0"><br>*In Stock & Ready to Ship</font><br><br>LM 2012 Collection Prom Dresses Pale Iris Gathered Sweetheart Embellsihed One Shoulder Empire Waist Prom Dress - 0 - 16

This is the perfect dress for when you want to get all dolled up, but still show a little modesty. This tight cocktail dress gathered along the skirt has a deep V-neckline and the decoration of her blouse with sequins and puffy sleeves 3/4.

Best Anti-Aging Cosmetics! - Dr Oz's Top Tips to Hydrate-Diminish-Eliminate Wrinkles!

There are just a few anti-aging cosmetics that really pack a punch!

Dr Oz believes that to stand your best chance at eliminating wrinkles and hydrating your skin you should tackle anti-aging on two fronts.


The first and often most overlooked method for eliminating wrinkles is to take Resveratrol.

Resveratrol is an anti-oxidant found in the skin of grapes and roots of certain plants but when consumed over long periods, Resveratrol acts by scrubbing and cleansing your arteries.

Why is this beneficial?

Because having healthy arteries leads to a healthy heart which increases longevity.

There is much debate about a number of other benefits Resveratrol can be attributed to but longevity is a definite "Yes"!.

However, Resveratrol also replenishes the skin as the natural anti-oxidants consumed day in day out help rebuild cell tissue by repairing the free-radicals which cause acne and premature wrinkles.

This is unheard of really in the west as Resveratrol is mainly known for its longevity attributes. This is understandable seeing as the U.S and Europe have some of the most appalling artery related fatality cases, so the fact that there is a "tab" to address this comes as welcome news many.

The second key to eliminating wrinkles is if Resveratrol is accompanied with an anti-aging cosmetic such as Amino Genesis or DERM Acai.

Both of these anti-aging cosmetics contain extremely high ORAC levels and are rich in Amino Acid minerals, which Dr Oz believes contain a powerful combination of nutrients crucial if you are looking for an anti-aging cosmetic that delivers with a kick!

Best Anti-Aging Cosmetics! - Dr Oz's Top Tips to Hydrate-Diminish-Eliminate Wrinkles!

Be sure to read the full Amino Genesis Review plus a review of the Top 5 Anti-Aging Face Products currently being sold on the market...


*IMPORTANT* Do Not Order a Free Trial of Resveratrol Until You Have Seen This:

WATCH This 60 MINUTE VIDEO Here on the "Best Resveratrol Tabs Sold Online" @: ===> Anti-Aging Reviews

Make sure to Use Both Brands so as to gain the "Ultimate Results" for the health of both your Body and Skin.

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Exhibition of famous dresses of Diana

Exhibition of famous dresses of  Diana

Princess Diana was a natural when it comes to fashion. From the simple to the glamor which set the fashion trends across the harbor world.She the creations of British designers and their methods are on the cover of magazines and newspapers worldwide. They set the fashion trends for twenty years.

The things they carried, including shoes, handbags, jewelry and hats were discussed. They were a contemporary of the real dress appropriately.

Before the engagement of Princess Diana, her dress and makeup style was not sophisticated. As a caregiver Young England Kindergarten, wear clothes that match your position and made ​​her feel at ease. After his commitment, things took a different turn and his image has become traditional and very British.

This is good news for true fans. Some of the famous Princess Diana's dresses will be presented early next year at Kensington Palace in London.

 The exhibition is part of $ 18.8 million renovation of the Kensington Place, who was his former home. It is reported that "Diana" the exhibition will show some of his clothes that have not been seen in public.

urely be a great success and people love to see some famous jewels of the collection of Diana. Note that the collection of Princess Diana has beautiful jewelry and antique jewelry, including the Spencer tiara, tiara Cambridge lovers knot, Swan Lake Suite, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia necklace, ring Welsh gold wedding ring and sapphire engagement (now owned by Kate Middleton).

What's the Difference Between Mineral Makeup and Regular Makeup?

The latest buzz in the beauty industry would without a doubt be the emergence of mineral make-up. Primarily as a foundation, you can also find mineral makeup in blush and eyeshadow formulations as well.

The main difference between mineral and regular makeup is in the ingredients used to create the product and that most mineral makeup is in powder form. Of course other factors such as how it looks on your skin and the added natural benefits are a reason it is becoming such a hit with beauty shoppers.

\"mineral Makeup\"

While most mineral cosmetics claim to be made with natural or safe ingredients, it is still important to read the ingredient list as some companies may include some chemical compounds. If at all possible, avoid paraben preservatives and choose only 100% certified organic mineral makeup.

Another benefit is that the makeup offers a natural sun protection. While not as high as your SPF 15+'s, it still provides adequate cover if you are just going shopping or out and about during the day.

It doesn't clog pores which is great news for those with oily or problem skin, and depending how it is applied can also minimize the appearance of fine lines and imperfections.

Women of all ages and skin types (even sensitive) can use mineral makeup although those with dry skin may need to use a moisturizing lotion underneath their foundation.

Because it generally comes in powder form it needs to be applied with a brush, but a damp sponge can also work giving a heavier finish. Blending in a circular motion usually gives the best look.

Another reason that many people are choosing it over regular cosmetics is that it gives a very natural 'no makeup' look. It makes you look if you have perfectly flawless skin when that may not really be the case at all!

What's the Difference Between Mineral Makeup and Regular Makeup?

Tracey is the health and beauty editor of Lazy Spa Girl and uses only certified organic mineral makeup.


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Uneven Skin Tone Treatment and Prevention - Best Way to Get Rid of Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone is one of the most common problems affecting both men and women of different age groups. There are number of reasons why this problem is bothering so many people. Luckily most main causes of skin discoloration can be easily eliminated or even prevented by following few very simple rules.

If you understand correctly what causes your skin dullness, blotchy complexion and dark skin spots, you can protect your complexion and keep it bright and even at any age! Here are few main enemies of an even, bright skin on your face, neck, arms, hands and legs:

\"natural Cosmetic\"

1) Excessive sun exposure. Sun rays are very harmful for your unprotected skin. Your facial skin is probably suffering the most. Beside sun, air pollution and dust can impact your skin tone very negatively.

2) Stressful life style. Lack of proper daily routine and adequate rest can be pretty harmful for your overall complexion. It might not be immediately evident how these factors are connected; nevertheless your overall health negatively affected by improper life style will reflect on one of your body's largest organ - your skin.

3) Wrong eating habits. Consumption of fatty foods, carbs, alcohol, lack of essential vitamins and minerals in your diet can have a very negative impact on your skin. Not drinking enough water (recommended average for adults is 2 liters of spring water a day) will result in toxins building up in your body, which will definitely reflect on your skin.

4) Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption is contributing to blotchy complexion, dull and uneven skin tone.

Uneven Skin Tone Treatment Options:

1) It is very important to put a proper skin care regiment in place - daily cleansing, moisturizing, regular exfoliation and skin masks can do miracles to your complexion. Lack of proper skin care may result in clogged pores. This will provide a fertile ground for infection. Bad acne can develop resulting in acne spots and later scarring and dark skin spots.

2) Adequate sun protection is an absolute must! Whether you are using skin whitening products or not, make sure that you apply sunblock with a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Make sure your sunblock is equally protecting you from both UVA and UVB.

3) Make necessary adjustments to your life style and diet. Eliminate as much stress as possible, exercise daily, implement a healthy diet, get rid of bad habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption and drink at least 2 liters of spring water a day.

4) And last but not least: consider using skin lightening products. You can go for homemade skin brightening masks or choose one of the safe and natural cosmetic skin brightening creams available on the market. Remember to do a thorough research before you choose a skin brightener to treat your uneven skin tone. Unsafe cosmetic products can cause lots of damage and undesired skin darkening effect!

Uneven Skin Tone Treatment and Prevention - Best Way to Get Rid of Uneven Skin Tone

Get additional information about safe and natural skin bleaching.

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More information about safe skin bleaching techniques:

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Juicing Recipes for Skin Care

Energy boosting fresh juice has powerful healing and rejuvenating properties that can help people with skin problems. Evidence illustrates that juicing helps the organs and the body cleanse itself, which results in a softer and healthier looking complexion. Our skin is the body's largest organ so caring for the skin can be achieved by a diet which combines healthy food with fresh juicing.

The following free recipes contain fruits and vegetables, which are known to promote and enhance the skin. Using juicing recipes as an additional treatment for skin care deserves the best produce, preferably organic. These recipes are not cures for major skin concerns but consuming fresh organic juice will assist in better looking and healthier skins. When you make juicing a natural part of your daily diet you will notice a difference in increased energy and a healthy complexion.



A healthy diet with energy boosting vegetable juice recipes will give the best treatment for skin care.

Vegetable 8

1/2 Tomato

1/4 Cucumber

1 Carrot

1 Celery stalk

Handful Spinach

1/2 Red Pepper

1/2-Cup Cabbage

1 Green Onion

Very powerful skin healer, protector and cleanser.

Skin Deep

2 Beets (with leaves)

2 Cucumbers

5 Carrots

Carrot juice is a wonderful treatment for sunburn.

Carrot Blush

4 Carrots

1 Beet

6 Romaine leaves or Dark Green Lettuce

4 Spinach leaves

4 Sprigs parsley

This is a blood regenerator, high in iron and chlorophyll.

Skin Tonic

1 Cucumber

2 Sticks of Celery

1 Small to medium clove of Garlic

Root Ginger - 1 inch

Cucumber juice is beneficial for skin care as it is rich in the mineral silica, which is good for the complexion and skin elasticity.


Juicing for skin care will result in detoxification, weight loss and healthy looking skin.

Runners Rise

3 Oranges

2 Pears

1 Small yam

Oranges improve skin texture, moisture and reduce body heat.

Skin Smoother

5 Apples

2 Large carrots

1 Large stick of celery

1 Cucumber

Apple and cucumber encourage smooth satin skin.

Clear Complexion

2 Cups spinach

1 Cup of parsley

4 Oranges

Spinach is rich in iron and orange juice is full of vitamin C, which work wonders for a clear complexion.


Fruit juices make for a great morning energy boost.

Melon Mover

1 Cantaloupe

5 Ice cubes

Dash of cinnamon

Melons are powerful agents in the fight against skin cancer.


8 Strawberries

4 oz Green or purple grapes

Fresh juices hydrate and combat dry skin.

Citrus Crush

1 Pineapple

2 Pink grapefruit

2 Lemons-juice and rind

2 Limes-juice and rind

Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps promote healthy skin.


Smoothies are the best alternative for a healthy breakfast.

Strawberry Smoothie

30-60 Strawberries

9-12 Medium or large bananas

7-8 Cups fresh squeezed orange juice

1 Cup flaxseed meal

Health Smoothie

1 Kiwi fruit, peeled

1/4 Cantaloupe, with skin

1 Ripe banana

Tropical Smoothie

1 Pineapple

2 Mangoes

4 Passion fruit

2 Papayas

2 Apples

Ginger root - 1 inch, peeled

Papaya and pineapple are rich in vitamin C, E and iron to improve skin complexion and metabolism.

Juicing Recipes for Skin Care

For more juicing tips and reviews on the Breville juicer, Omega juicer, Citrus juicers and more try visiting where you can quickly and easily find tips, advice and information on juicer reviews

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Glamour Best Dress Collections

This glamorous dress Best Collections Exclusive H & M Initiative As Part Of Your Conscious, H & M has Created A Unique Collection of red carpet looks of all Events of more sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and hemp and recycled polyester. Sample Collection Diversity What Is Now Possible in The Greenest Fashion With Different clothing styles that reflect the variety of today's fashion red carpet.

The collection itself has Seen on the red carpet. Amanda Seyfried wore the blue jacket and trousers Shorts Smoking In A London premiere, Oscar nominee, Viola Davis, it has Seen On Sin in the upper sleeves and hot pink skirt and Kristin Davis wore the dress of apple green an embroidery of the United Nations Event of Vanity Fair. Michelle Williams had no H & M on behalf of gold that covered the Organic Cotton bodice with a skirt of satin-backed crepe trumpet .

For This Year's Goya in London. A top and skirt Inspired Exclusive gown Michelle will be available in selected stores H & M WHEN Collection Exclusive Turning in Aware.

Level 99 Ultra Skinny Janice jeans

Want to dress like Selena Gomez? Yes, the kind of thinking.Oh, the things that are shared closet this girl ... not to mention her boyfriend.

Well, we give one lucky reader the chance to dress like salt. Somehow. One of you will win the exact same jeans that has Selena - Level 99 Ultra Slim Jeans Janice clay (see photo below).

These jeans are very comfortable and since they are a celebrity favorite, you know they are also very fashionable. Want to win this pair? Enter here and do not forget to include your size jeans!

Sunglasses Exclusive Colors For Porsche Design 2012 model

Porsche Design EST A luxury brand in the technical products focusing on particularly inspired. The Porsche Design to check summer I created in 1972 by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. Products rated a distinguished functional design, timeless and purist, for their technical innovation characterized. We underst Product portfolio of watches, sunglasses, luggage, a collection of sport mode and Electronic Products AS and A fragrance line for men. All products are designed the check IN the Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See (Austria). Products are sold Porsche Design In The World Of Wallace Retail Clean and franchises stores, shop-in-shops, Department Stores And Shops High Range Exclusive Specialized.

Sign desired style icon, sunglasses were first Porsche Design P'8478 sunglasses today and they are never again one of the most successful models. The design of this article subtracted EST classical unchanged since 1978, only difference is the use of titanium ultralight view, P'8478 pour bring the technique of the state of the art of the 21st century. ESCs Revolutionary Function Of Sunglasses was - and is - Their Goal of innovative mechanism of them interchangeable adapter to Requirements conditions and visibility of the light variety. WELL, sunglasses fashionable aviator not only presenter flow is a sense of style, In Their Their Attraction is intelligent functionality. Four Sizes Available (S, M, L und XL) is finalizing P'8478 become a classic, improved forms of ALL the face.

In 1978, with the sunglasses Mechanism of him are not only interchangeable lens Innovative Who will be the premiers pair Porsche Design glasses DO BUT aussi were the first contribution of the luxury brand of the world of fashion . Variations WITH Colors Objectives News interchangeable flow in Sulphur (yellow), blue steel (blue) and raspberry (red), Porsche Design joins new sets corresponding to the height of contemporary fashion trend. The extended range lens sizes EST obtained in four, corresponding to four sizes (S, M, L and XL).

Choose Chemical Free Cosmetics

Did you know that we come into contact with 100,000 chemicals every day? And less than 5% of these chemicals have been thoroughly tested for their long term effects on humans? Those are pretty scary numbers for those of us striving to live greener lives whether by purchasing organic clothing or recycling. Head over to your medicine cabinet (or wherever you keep your makeup, your skincare goods, your shampoos), and read the ingredient labels. One facet of our lives we forget to make greener is what we put on our skin every single day.

Cosmetics are not regulated by governmental agencies. That shampoo you put in your hair this morning and that moisturizer you put on your face? Their safety is determined by the cosmetic manufacturers. Does that thought scare you?

\"natural Cosmetic\"

Thankfully, you will find some things you can do. First, don't buy goods that contain phthalates, formaldehyde, phenols, sodium laureth sulfate, coal tar, toxic dyes, and synthetic fragrances. Next, do not believe that a product is "natural", because it is labeled as such. There are numerous goods out there labeled as "natural" and "organic" that still contain paraben and formaldehyde preservations. You also do not have to sell off your firstborn child to be able to afford true organic beauty goods. There are several inexpensive natural cosmetic lines that work just as well as the super high-priced ones.

An additional factor to bear in mind is you will NOT look like a celebrity. Don't fall into the advertising trap and acquire a product just for the reason that your favorite celebrity wears it. Photoshop is their very best friend. If you should see a great deal of the celebrities out there without makeup, they look more like us than you'd believe.

You also don't require a unique moisturizer for your face. Save yourself some cash and remember that less is more. Pay attention to what ingredient is listed first. In the US and Canada, any chemical above 1% by weight has to be listed in order by concentration. You do not want your first ingredients to all be chemicals. You need to also choose items that come in sustainable packaging. Providers like Cargo pack their items in packaging that contains real plant seeds. On average, a plastic shampoo bottle would take 450 years to degrade in a landfill. A bottle made from glass may be recycled along with a bottle made from corn and soya takes 30 - 40 days to biodegrade.

No one has ever disputed the safety of products like coconut oil, aloe vera extract, chamomile infusion, or green tea. They've been tried by millions over the ages, and their safety proven. Why are we utilizing products with ingredients that may cause diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's which are worse than the problem we had been attempting to solve to begin with?

The quantity of items in my own bathroom made me ill when I realized how many chemicals my family was utilizing on a normal basis. It doesn't matter if you're using a bamboo towel if you are lathering your body with a product that has serious side effects!

Choose Chemical Free Cosmetics

Douglas Michaels Jr. writes educational articles for Green Earth News, the authority on everything Bamboo. For more information on Bamboo Remedies. Check out Green Earth Bamboo for bamboo sheets, bamboo comforter, towels, clothing and baby products, all made from the world's most sustainable and renewable resource on the planet.

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Kelly Brook reveals the battle big boobs as she models the new range of search mode

Kelly Brook reveals the battle big boobs as she models the new range of search mode
In a series of candid confessions about her body, Kelly Brook recalls how once "fought" with the size of her breasts and told me some of her ex-boyfriends to hide.

These days, the 32-year model is ready to march forward, nothing - but it has not always been so.Kelly Brook

"At 14 years my bra size was 32D and I struggled with it," he said. "I wanted to be ballet dancer None of the other girls were and I remember thinking," Why can not I be normal "
Talk about their great results at the front of the lens, Brook reveals: "I work with photos of myself in Photoshop, and Instagram is great."
Despite using digital, their insecurities resurface when in the locker room. "Sometimes I feel self-conscious," he said. "I think trying bikinis in the stores really scary -. Light is far from flattering, it is a

traumatic experience! "
The beauty says its assets have been worried about her lovers too, after some of them begged him to cover.
Brook, who has dated actors Billy Zane and Jason Statham and rugby player Danny Cipriani, told Look magazine: "I think therefore I am monogamous in this series because it keeps me out of trouble!

"A couple of young friends asked me to cover. I heard a little, and then returned to dress as I liked," Arroyo said, adding: "it No real downside to having this body"
He concluded: "My body is an important part of my identity."
Brook did not try to see size zero in the short term. "I prefer to eat and have boobs, a bum and a bit as false to be very thin and sad, sagging breasts, a flat bum said.
The surgeon's knife on the menu, too, after vowing "never" to mingle with surgery. Comfortable with aging, Brook says, "I hate that look fake. I have the same insecurities any girl, but I have more
I became more secure.
"I'm not worried about aging - if you are 34, which is supposed to look 34. '

What is the Best Make-Up For Sensitive Skin?

When it comes to sensitive skin, finding the right makeup can be a complicated task. There are so many choices between traditional, hypoallergenic, organic, and mineral make-ups. So what's the best choice for those of us with sensitive skin? At the end of the day, there is no better choice for us then natural cosmetics. Let's take a closer look at why this is.

Most women start off using the make up of our mothers, traditional makeup, and quickly find it to be quite harsh on the skin. The reason that traditional make-ups are so harsh is because they have many unnatural chemicals in them. Unfortunately, many women get into a vicious cycle where they continue to use the traditional make-up to cover the blemishes that it causes. This is until they find a better alternative, of course.

\"mineral Makeup\"

If you are allergic to traditional make up, it only makes since to seek out hypoallergenic makeup. The reason is in the name, or so it would seem. The term hypoallergenic does not mean that these cosmetic products won't cause an allergic reaction. It only means that it is unlikely to do so. Many cosmetic manufacturers only take out perfumes and other highly allergic chemicals from these products. So make sure that read the label a little closer next time on those hypoallergenic products.

When we start to consider organic and mineral cosmetics, we are getting warmer. Generally speaking, organic makeup refers to cosmetics made of natural ingredients such as plants. But beware, only "certified organic" cosmetics are pesticide free. Organic cosmetics also may or may not have minerals in them. On the other hand, there is mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is made up of minerals that work well for people with sensitive skin. The minerals from this product often helps heal and revitalize skin.

So why not choose a makeup that heals your sensitive skin? Between sun damage, environmental pollutants, stress, and all of the other reason your skin get become damaged, mineral makeup is the to help your skin be more naturally beautiful than ever.

What is the Best Make-Up For Sensitive Skin?

Afterglow Cosmetics has been providing natural and safe cosmetics for woman who want to look good and feel clean while wearing makeup.Organic cosmetics allow you to avoid the heavy feeling of chemical make up.

AfterGlow Cosmetics
Pure Soul Mascara

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Kelly Brook is the best woman in red, as it continues to surprise in Cannes

Kelly Brook is the best woman in red, as it continues to surprise in Cannes

Kelly Brook has pulled out all the stops again at Cannes, looking for the epitome of glamor in a word length dress in red.

Kelly Brook

Glamor model turned actress is currently in Cannes to promote Keith Lemon: The Movie and was rarely far from the cameras, wearing a variety of colorful costumes stand out from the crowd.
Earlier this week Kelly had been flashing the flesh in a series of daring outfits, showing her figure in swimsuit revealing cut before posing for photographers in a number of little gold.

But it seems that Brook has decided to change tactics in their attempt to steal the show, opting for a wise look at the party yesterday De Grisogono.
Kelly covered with a high neck floor length red dress accessorising sophisticated dress, with a clutch of Simple Green.
His hair was curly style makes elegant, with Kelly complete the look with scarlet lipstick and nail polish.

The 32-year was just one of a number of celebrities attended the part of the show, with Heidi Klum and Irina Shayk among the guests present.
Paris Hilton and sister Nicky were also at the event, with Tamara Ecclestone, Milla Jovovich and American Pie star Tara Reid.

Kelly seems to be certainly made ​​the most of his time in Cannes, but his film is screened at the annual festival.
Keith Lemon: The film also stars Leigh Francis, Verne Troyer and Laura Aikman is set to hit UK cinemas on August 24

The Russian fashion designer Slava Zaitsev won the West and became the Red Dior

The Russian fashion designer Slava Zaitsev won the West and became the Red Dior
The Russian fashion designer Slava Zaitsev called his new collection for spring 2010 "despite". "A time of crisis is not the time to sell," he said ahead of this year's index Week Russian Fashion. For over 40 years the world has associated the fashion of Russia, above all, with Slava Zaitsev.

In his works, Zaitsev uses the advantages of using traditional motifs Russian folk costumes
A day in the fall of 1962, a collection of clothing for farm workers was to be presented in a garment factory, not far from Moscow. Vyacheslav Zaitsev, a young graduate of the Moscow Textile Institute, was responsible for collection development.
The lights went out and something amazing began to happen in stage, models paraded in colorful quilted jackets, skirts flower pattern light shawls and felt boots decorated with embroidery and ribbons. These garments were brave, beautiful and ... almost impossible for a Soviet worker to wear.

The commission is in shock. Zaitsev was reprimanded and was fired on the spot. His career could have ended before it began, if not for the emergence of a "fairy godmother" - Moscow correspondent for Paris Match. The French magazine major six pages dedicated to the projection Zaitsev unfortunate under the title "Moscow now has its own artist."

Russian Fashion Week 2012 on International Designers’ Day

Because of tradition, not only local designers, but also foreign guests attended Fashion Week in Moscow, Russia. Today we present the autumn-winter 2010-2011, presented at the British brands RFW Osman, Eley Kishimoto and PPQ and Stella NDOMBI Congo.

Designer Osman Yousefzada Afghanistan has created a collection rather complex, full of geometrical shapes, which change the terms of proportions and traditional volumes. After all, the designer calls "ethno-architect." Osman does not deny Yusefzada traditional black color fall-winter, but offers to secondary education, preferring soft pastel palette. Main colors prevail in the new collection are ash gray, purple, lemon yellow, light blue, beige. Different shades of pink and fuchsia with bright spotlights in the collection.
Russian Fashion Week

British label Eley Kishimoto dresses are created by renowned designers Mark Eley Kishimoto Vakako and Japanese - for good humor during the next autumn-winter, with bold patterns and bright, decorated with rich colors, patterns and color patterns ethnic. A simple cut and unfussy silhouettes Eley Kishimoto prints are offset by the complex, which not only adorn dresses, tops and skirts and knitwear.

In the fall-winter 2010-2011 PPQ designers Percy Parker and Amy Mill included elegant evening dresses in particular. An infinite number of variations on the theme designer black dress decorated with curtains with gold epaulettes, straps and rivets. The designers admitted that this collection is for fans of the various parties and social events, and sources of inspiration were the "style icons" from previous years (Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor), and feelings of rock and roll london. That is why there are only two colors of the collection of PPQ - Black and Gold. The combination of different fabrics and textures (velvet, silk, satin, leather, fur, feathers), the designers create exquisite costumes, the silhouettes of compounds to be just as good on the red carpet at a party in a club. PPQ dresses are chosen by many stars are not in vain: Lily Allen, Peaches Geldof, Lindsay Lohan.
Russian Fashion Week

The last sign of a "day of" an alien in the collection of Russian Fashion Week was NDOMBI Stella brand, created by the model of Congo and stylist Stella Ndombe Alisher. The new Autumn / Winter Boxer called Second Skin, because in its early designers were inspired by the various martial arts and boxing. Tempting tapas, shorts, tight jeans, leather, wide belts contrasting attributes required of the sport in the things of the tower-style collection Stella ultrafashionable NDOMBI, without losing its relevance for several seasons. According to Alisher aumumn and Stella will be the next sport attractive, seasoned with self-irony. As guests of the day to RFW foreign designers, fashion shows foreigners gathered a lot of stars in Moscow, as Philip Kirkorov, Anna Semenovich, Stotskaya Anastasia, Anita Tsoi, Lada Dance, Yana Lebedeva, Ekaterina Ekaterina Odintsova Polozova and many others.