Cosmetics Business - Start a Prestigious & High Profit Business

Making cosmetics is a multi-billion dollar industry. But you don't need an expensive laboratory or a university degree to start a successful and high profit cosmetics business. In fact, a cosmetics business can be set up for much less than the cost of many other less profitable ventures.

You've probably read many success stories of young entrepreneurs who started out as home-based cosmetic makers and went on to become the names behind some of the most popular and successful cosmetic companies in the beauty industry today.


If you think cosmetic manufacturing requires a sophisticated and expensive laboratory, this is incorrect. This is just one of the common myths you will hear about starting a cosmetics business.

Cosmetics Business - Start a Prestigious & High Profit Business

You can start a high profit cosmetics business with basic equipment for low start-up cost. And you don't need to be a cosmetics chemist -- this is another common myth. If you obtain professional cosmetic formulations and manufacturing instructions, you can easily manufacture cosmetics, skin and hair care products of the same quality as leading brand formulations, if not better, without spending three or four years in university studying for a science or chemical engineering degree.

However, to start a profitable and successful cosmetics business it is vital to use only professionally created formulations - not home based recipes. Homemade cosmetic recipes may be suitable for home use, but they are not suitable for retail sale.

Making cosmetics is one of the most profitable businesses on earth -- profit margins easily reach 1000%. Products which retail for usually cost between 50c and to make!

However, in order to make these kinds of profits, you must own your cosmetics formulations, so as to be able to manufacture your range of cosmetics yourself.

If you contract a laboratory to manufacture cosmetics for you, much of the profit will go into the pocket of this cosmetic manufacturing company -- not yours.

If you own your cosmetic formulations, you will be in control of your business. You will be able to choose your own cosmetic ingredients suppliers, negotiate better deals, formulate your own top quality recipes comparable with any international brand, make any size order you require without the restriction of minimum quantities, etc. When you own the cosmetics formulas, you can even become a private label cosmetics manufacturer.

What are private label cosmetics?

Many businesses -- hair, beauty and spa salons, plus many others -- are increasingly becoming aware of the value in selling and promoting their own brand products, carrying their own logo on their own label.

Why? Because, when they promote their own brand, they increase customer loyalty to their own products and their own business - not an international company that sells its skincare, haircare and cosmetics formulations in hundreds, if not thousands, of other salons, pharmacies, department stores, etc.

When you establish your own cosmetics business, you can manufacture cosmetics, skincare, haircare and toiletries for other retailers as a private label manufacturer, as well as wholesaling and retailing your own range of cosmetic and beauty products.

Cosmetics Business - Start a Prestigious & High Profit Business

Sam Stein is a retired cosmetic and chemical engineer from Australia. He is the founder of AustraLab Australia, a unique business concept revealing the high profit secrets behind the cosmetic and chemical manufacturing industry. To learn more about how you can become part of this multi-billion dollar industry, see

Aussie style -Streets to fashion week in Sydney

Aussie style spotted in the streets to fashion week in Sydney

 Sydney Fashion Week 05
Sydney Fashion Week 06Sydney Fashion Week 04Sydney Fashion Week 02Sydney Fashion Week 01Sydney Fashion Week 03

The last fashion week to be caressed by the fashion flock? Australia, comrades. Bazaar sent our world Lensman, Mr. Newton, for anyone who moves the style through Sydney. See the hottest girls below and then be inspired by our latest street.

Back Design style -Design of the back wins the second look-

Back Design  

 back design dress

            Back Design 

All in the skirtStreet styleback design2back design

Robe style Fantastical Dress

Maxi..SO cute!!!sophisticated funthis is fantasticSunglasses, Zara Tunics and Mango Belts

Nails Art -Nails Art style

Nails Art 

 Peacock feather nails

I created this article because I think I always browse for hours before making a new manicure, and wanted to best nails in the world available in one place. I'm not in the art of average that can be obtained from any corner nail salon, I like the new, crazy, interesting nail art. This is the 21st century, the 1990s should not resemble your nails! Most of the nails appear is not mine. All nails have links to their original sources.

 white owlnails tribal nailsnails map nails

Still Summer Style

It's still summer

If you are a geek in a comprehensive way, because I live in New York City, see performances on the streets of New York. It's still summer! Get tips of beauty and fashionable articles, third summer warmly on the folder, the wind and the lightning spread of forest fires. These cute tees, jackets and shorts built a souvenir sweet Sun to shine. Although autumn is coming in the corner, we will enjoy the last shot of inspiration for the summer fashion.
chic vest tribal mini shorts tribal bracelets printed t shirtsskirt vest necklaceit is still summer

Street Fashion

He joined some of his best friends, Whitney Port enjoyed a fun time at the Coachella Music Festival. The lover of the music and fashion has decided to document their time in the desert and posted his photos on his blog, writing: hello friends, as you know, Coachella is something look forward to each year. I forgot my camera at home and then used my phone to capture all my memories of Coachella 2012. Here are some pictures of me and my friends and family have an incredible for our favorite music festival year. XOXO, Pentecost.
trousers+stripe+statement necklace street style floral pants blue pursewhitney port coachella

Nail Design trends

Here is the nail design trends cute colorful 2012, especially girls still prefer nails pink nail polish. Pink nail polish is mainly used in the world.
 colorful nail art Cute Colorful Nails Designs Trends 2012colorful nail polish Cute Colorful Nails Designs Trends 2012
 There are many types of Nail Polish color available commercially. Therefore, you can choose any color. The colour choice is not an easy task because it is difficult to choose a color from a large collection of colors. 
 stripes nails Cute Colorful Nails Designs Trends 2012
It is time to enjoy your sense of beauty with nail art designs colors. Give your nails a modern twist combining versatile tones. Ideal for working with the color palette includes the most up-to-date brights, Matt affectionate, elegant and chic neutral tones.
 colorful short nails Cute Colorful Nails Designs Trends 2012
 There are many types of current colors, but some colors are very important. Is the more important question how to select a color? There are several ways to select an appropriate color. Once the choice of color depends on the State of mind of a person. Some people choose the color based on the color of your dress. For example, if you use a dark red dress, colored nails dark they suit you and make the most beautiful and elegant hands. There are different types of these nuances in every color, you can select the shades of your choice. You can see lots of market reflecting matte Nail Polish and other transparent Nail Polish colors. 

2013 Spring collection

shoulder-dressesShoulder Pad Dresses for Women

Below are the pictures of the dresses from shoulder to the fashion of the post article and shoulder style ramp dresses for women in more information about the update of fashion, red carpet celebrities, fashion, trends, fashion, fashion design, fashion, fashion, creative fashion tips women, mode, fashion, Asian fashion style. Thank you for your visit, I hope to make you happy in my blog and get what you are looking for. and at some point, he will return again.

Winter 2012 Collection


Winter 2012 Collection

Girl photos in the post article fashions and Women’s Fall-Winter 2012 Collection at Get more information about fashion update, celebrity red carpet, fashion tips, fashion trends, fashion design, fashion designers, men fashion, women fashion, fashion style, korean fashion style, asian fashions. Thanks for your visit, I hope you happy come to my blog and get what you're looking for. and sometime you will come back again.










Shoes summer 2013

Shoes  summer 2013

cris capoani calcados femininos moda verao 2013 650 550 Spring Summer 2013 Footwear 
The last piece that completes the whole.
It can have the stupidest outfit, but as soon as you turn on the pair, one can become like Cinderella.
No matter your size, they have always agree and carry his State of mind through all day.
campanha Werner 1024x639 Spring Summer 2013 Footwear
They give good posture and style. You feel safe, happy and beautiful. Fill that you., non?
And a way to bring you this Sun with master key features will form the spring 2013.
Shoes spring summer 2013
 Spring Summer 2013 Footwear
As we know all the main elements that are going to be forming spring 2013 are flowery dresses, da blouses, collars of basic colors, oblique and Earth.
So without further ADO, here's an overview of what you can expect to see next spring.
taos tarragon sandals Spring Summer 2013 Footwear
In the great word of Marlyn Monroe, "give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.

Trends of accessories more hot 2012 style bracelets

Hottest Bracelets Trends Accessories Style Hottest Bracelets Trends 2012Gemstone Cuff Bracelets for women trends 2011 Accessories Style Hottest Bracelets Trends 2012
Trends of accessories more hot 2012 style bracelets

Trends of style Teen Bracelets for 2012Here of the trends for spring summer 2011 accessories hottest style bracelets are the hottest trends 2012 bracelets style accessories, fashion bracelets are one of the most incredible things about jewelry, beautiful fashion bracelets are as an article of jewelry which is in the wrist that give an elegant and sophisticated look handmade carrier. Forget traditional style bracelets and amplify your style with a Frito gorgeous eye-catching bracelet. The appearance of carved and decorated style gemstone cuff bracelet is the perfect way to improve your appearance as a model on the catwalk. Its spring 2011 show highlighted grey. We are seeing gray as a huge drop of statement, however, I like how it combines the color until the spring, is a pleasant from the Gateway slight and subtle transition from a brilliant season.

Kate Middleton dress with pleated skirt New Style

Kate Middleton dress with pleated skirt New Style 

Kate Middletons Kate Middleton Dress with Pleated Skirt 2012Kate Middletons 2012 Catherine Duchess Cambridge Grey Knee length Orla Kiely Dress Kate Middleton Dress with Pleated Skirt 2012Kate Middletons 2012 New Style Dress Pretty Pleats Kate Middleton Dress with Pleated Skirt 2012

Kate Middleton dress with pleated skirt, the Duchess 2012 trends had Orla Kiely dress with grey knee length pleated skirt. Orla Kiely is a favourite of Duchess of Cambridge by Irish Designer in their commitment yesterday. Her dress that is accented by a belt tied to the size and a black embroidered floral detail around the neck which is completed with black pumps and a black pouch. For your visit to the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London, the Duchess has decided to go gray this number of folds of Orla Kiely (not the first time she was discovered using the Designer). The words of Glee Rachel Berry, this aspect is very "sexy-escuela-chic girl-librarian."

2013 Spring collection

2013 Spring

Fashion White Spring Dress 199x300 Spring 2013 Fashion Collection

Fashion Spring 2013 Haircut 200x300 Spring 2013 Fashion Collectioncollection of your hemisphere is saying everything when it comes to home of the autumn / winter 2012 and some people in the countries of the South, this summer has been a distant dream. Fashion, however, behaves like the money, "he never sleeps" and is always looking for to come.
It is never too late to stay and stay informed about look and feel that will influence trends in the coming year.

What to expect in the spring fashion trends?
Well, made the prediction and master parts basic ranging in the spring of 2013 are sensual without collar blouses, slash neck, shoulders, dresses tops, I think that it corresponds perfectly to the most beautiful season of all. Flowering and... well, it's a very feminine season. It has its own special charm and happiness with many smiles and colour. It is a colorful life. Mark a new beginning and everything in life are simply desire to progress, once concealed a winter cold and depressing in the dark, so to speak, and the painting once more this beautiful planet. It is a brilliant season. Let the mode, the light and the Sun. So, let's move on.
Some other collections include 20 fin s, prints romantic bright floral, tropical dress patterns, Bohemian and rebellious skirts dresses and dresses were also highlighted by the designers.
Fashion Blue Spring Dress 256x300 Spring 2013 Fashion Collection

What is the color of spring trends?
Fashion Spring 2013 Blue Dress 199x300 Spring 2013 Fashion CollectionFashion Spring Pinky Dress 199x300 Spring 2013 Fashion Collection

Fashion Spring 2013 Dress Flowers 200x300 Spring 2013 Fashion CollectionFashion Spring 2013 Rose Dress 199x300 Spring 2013 Fashion CollectionFashion Spring 2013 Dress 200x300 Spring 2013 Fashion Collection

We said that the clothes very colorful, bright and shiny will be printed. I guess we can say that it's gonna be very ground. Natural tones.
And then, without further ADO, here we bring you a preview of what you might also expect to see other designers as well as for next spring in the next season. We hope that we can help you complete your spring with dresses exciting wardrobe.