The Beauty of Self Leveling Concrete

Self leveling concrete is an amazing product. The beauty of self leverers is that you can control the height of your floor. They can also be stained and sealed. Mapei makes a self leveling product that can level smooth as glass with almost zero shrinkage. Other companies are working on similar products.

During the past week I filmed the installation of Mapei self leveling concrete in a new restaurant. It was the only flooring solution that would work.


One of the issues was that there was little thought about the floor until late in the project. This happens a lot. Flooring should be the first consideration in every project then design and build from there, not the other way around.

All the moldings were already in and painted. Tile had been installed in the kitchen leaving a height issue where it meets the main floor. Entrance door had been installed leaving little height for flooring below the door. All the doorways had a height issue at the transition.

The self leveling concrete solved all the height issues. The self leveler was poured thin, slightly more than 1/4 inch. A gauge rake is used to pull the concrete to the exact height. The gauge rake has feet that can be adjusted to the exact height you need.

It's amazing to watch. The self leveling concrete is very wet and flows to an even flat surface. Then a "Smoother" is used to flatten out even more. The Smoother is a tool that has flat edge on a pole that is pulled over the surface.

The floor looked awesome when complete. It took 3 people about 90 minutes to resurface 1200 square feet. When complete you could see a perfect transition at all the doorways, entrance door could swing open freely, transition to tile in kitchen was perfect.

The next day dark brown Acetone concrete dyes were sprayed randomly on the floor. Then a diluted brown concrete acid stain was sprayed over the entire floor and left on for 1 hour. Then they rinsed the acid stain to stop the chemical reaction with the concrete and to remove any residue.

The final step in the coloring process was application of diluted brown water based concrete dyes over the entire floor. The process was a combination of spraying then evening out the dye with a thick microfiber mop.

The next day the self leveling concrete was sealed with 2 coats of a solvent based concrete sealer.

The last step which brought it all together was application of a high solids floor finish. Once the second coat was applied the floor came alive.

The final result was a highly functional, decorative, low maintenance floor. One very unique feature is the importance of wall color and lighting. The floor picked up reds from the awning outside. Copper panels reflected a copper color onto the floor. This is a feature that is not achieved from other flooring products and is critical when working with decorative concrete.

There were imperfections as with all decorative concrete floors. But generally the floor was a thing of beauty. Any imperfections would not be evident since 80% over the floor would be covered with tables and chairs.

The Beauty of Self Leveling Concrete

To view a video showing installation of a hip NYC loft floor with self leveling concrete or for complete information about concrete polishing and overlays visit

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Q. What Makes Your Cheap Website Better Than My $3000 Website?

A. The Dominating factors for a good website is its content, content layout and content relevance, here are a few reasons why some web developers can't get your website found on Google and certainly not on the first page of Google -

1. They don't know how to! most web developers learn how to build websites, they don't learn how to market or optimise them for the searchers looking for your product or service!


2. The web developers that care about the search-ability of your website and think they know how to optimise your website simply don't know how to do it effectively and lack the right tools to do it effectively and more often than not we find they do a very poor job on websites they build.

3. There are many ways to optimise the search-ability of a website but many web developers will point you toward paid methods of getting your business out there, this can be a good idea IF YOU CAN JUSTIFY THE ADDED COST!!; but paid advertising is not the best way!

4. Some web developers will build you a expensive flashy website with pretty pictures and design work that is not relevant to your product or service they have a few area's that may refer to your product or service but Google can't understand it because of the layout so ignores it and gives it a poor ranking! However a good cheap website can be straight to the point laid out correctly and dominate Page 1 on Google!

5. Keywords, I don't think I have met a web developer to this date that really understands the meaning of the term (not word) but term Keyword, I can look at a website in the front page and from that page I can access the Keyword list, Description content and other information relevant to the websites general makeup.

What everybody wants and needs is a SEARCH ENGINE DOMINATING but CHEAP WEBSITE that won't break your bank. Effective marketing of one's products and services online is paramount in today's business world; search engine ranking can be the ruling difference between you and your competitors. I have witnessed some poor search engine optimisation on some very expensive looking websites but equally I see what looks like an army of quality cheap website's dominating page 1 on major search engines.

Unfortunately many web developers still feed their clients rubbish or in many cases limit what information they give to their clients at all in fear of the client learning THE TRUTH, whatever the truth may be. One thing is for sure times are changing people are asking more questions about their websites, questions like "can I add content to my website?" and "can I put the photos in that I want?" and the one that I used to ask a long long time ago - "can I get a website that I can completely manage?", I have heard so many different answers to those questions it's becoming ridiculous.

I also find it amusing how web developers who charge thousands of dollars to build websites, make claims that their expensive looking website's attract more customers when in reality it's been proven that if you take two equally handsome looking plumbers and gave one an average but quality and likely cheap website, then gave the other a 00 plus website people are likely to contact the average one first because they are scared that the Plumber with the expensive looking website will be exactly that "expensive".

It's fair to say this topic needs more deliberation however "cheap website" or "00 plus website" you be the judge.

Q. What Makes Your Cheap Website Better Than My 00 Website?

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Beauty Salon Floor Plans

A beauty salon has become an almost iconic image in Western culture. It is a place where people go for beauty treatments and to purchase beauty products. Women frequent beauty salons to get their hair trimmed and nails polished.

A beauty salon is also a center for community news and confessions. No two beauty salons have the same environment. Each salon tries to have its own distinct identity and ambience. Some cater to a particular section of the society, while others meet the demands of certain ethnic communities.


There are hundreds of attractive possibilities for designing your salon with creative and well-organized working floor plans. To begin with, make a rough sketch of the salon with proper dimensions. The floor layout is drawn using a grid paper or an architectural scale. For a good beauty saloon, the normal space required per stylist is around 125 to 150 square feet. The salon should also contain rooms for facials, massages, skin care, or electrolysis, as well as a men's hairstyling space with small waiting area, and a tint room.

Many beauty salons are now remodeled in order to make the interior as well as the floors more attractive. Even though one can undertake the remodeling planning and designing by oneself, it is better to consult an architect or interior designer for professional assistance. An architect's advice will help a lot in the structural redesigning of a beauty salon. Take special care in designing the reception area as it creates the first impression regarding the salon.

Various versions of floor plan software are available for free on the Internet. These can be easily downloaded to create great looking floors for the salon.

Beauty Salon Floor Plans

Beauty Salons provides detailed information on Beauty Salons, Beauty Salon Software, Beauty Salon Equipment, Beauty Salon Supplies and more. Beauty Salons is affiliated with Natural Beauty Products.

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The Definition of Beauty

The definition of beauty is taken from both individual and social perspectives. Some people define beauty as characteristics related to outer beauty such as complexion, health, youthful appearance and facial symmetry. Beauty however is a mixture of both inner and outer aspects of beauty. Characteristics of a person, such as their personality, their politeness, their integrity, their elegance, their charisma, their intelligence and their grace can be considered as aspects of inner beauty. These aspects define what inner beauty is, and are factors that can be felt and sensed when the person is around, and not just perceived by the eyes alone.

Culture also dictates the standards of beauty and is constantly changing. The concept of beauty has changed from curvaceous women in the past to the skinny ones of today. Regardless of this, it is still up to the individual person to define and judge what is beautiful. The adage "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" rings true in that what is beautiful for you is not necessarily beautiful for another, it is akin to the saying "one man's drink is another man's poison".


The inner attributes of a person must be of high quality for the person to be considered truly beautiful. The person's ability to warm anothers heart, place a smile on someone's face definitely shows the characteristics of one who has inner beauty. The criteria therefore to judge a person's inner beauty is his or her level of sensitivity, compassion, tenderness, intelligence and creativity. These qualities of inner beauty are indeed powerful for they can exceed the person's outer features.

Nonetheless, how to achieve beauty in both inner and outer beauty is very important to a person. Therefore even though one is kind, true and loyal, it is still important to know how one looks physically. It is not just how pretty you dress up to be beautiful, but you also need to have a healthy lifestyle since sickness can affect you sooner or later. One should also prepare one's overall appearance before socializing in the world, for people that we have never met will always judge us on a first impression on our physical appearance.

In summary, put on your best smile and comb your hair and iron your clothes. Wear something dignified that makes you feel comfortable at the same time. You have to love yourself for who you are before anyone else can love you. You must be attracted to yourself before you can attract attraction. Knowing this you must also accessorize your new beauty with kindness, and tenderness, integrity and compassion.

The Definition of Beauty

Brent McNutt enjoys networking with healthcare professionals online. He also likes talking about Landau Scrubs and Landau Shoes and also likes writing articles about various topics.

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Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Makeup tips for blue eyes are pretty straightforward. The trick is to learn which colors look better on blue eyes, and start with those, and then branch out with the colors that you are personally drawn to. Women have a unique ability to choose colors that are complimentary to them. Just because colors are suggested doesn't mean those are the only colors suitable for you to wear.

Colors For Blue Eyes


There are some colors that seem to be made for blue eyes. Icy pinks, silver, gold and violet all come to mind. You can expand your selection by also choosing taupe, gray, and other purples, like lavender.

If you want to add a little "oomph" to your makeup, try a bright blue instead. I know, I know. You've always heard bad things about blue eyeshadow. However, these makeup tips for blue eyes include bright blue eyeshadow because it will make your eyes really stand out. Try it and see what you think.

Also try turquoise, and if your eyes have green in them, mint green is a great choice. Bright pinks and fuschia are great choices as well. And if you really want to mix it up, try mixing black with another color. It will look striking and it usually best for nightwear.

Application Tips

Now, I wouldn't give you makeup tips for blue eyes without giving you tips to apply them. If you're already comfortable with your application you don't need to read on. But if you think you might like some guidelines to help you, keep reading.

Here's an example of a day look that you could do:

1.Take a silver shadow and apply it from your eyelashes to your eyebrow.

2.Then apply lavender from your eyelashes to just above the crease. Blend it well into the silver so you can't see a distinct line.

3.Then take violet and apply it in a "v" from the middle of your eyelid to the outer corner. Blend very, very well. You want it to look like a gradual change of color, not distinct lines.

4.Line your eyes with charcoal or dark gray eyeliner.

5.Apply mascara.

You can adjust the colors to be icy pink with fuschia, light and dark turquoise, gold and taupe, gray and bright blue, light blue and bright blue, silver and bright blue, taupe and green, etc. The list goes on and on.

Just play around until you like what you're seeing. You make all the choices and decisions when it comes to your makeup.

These makeup tips for blue eyes should have you seeing clearer.

Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Lynn Starner is the proprietor of Beauty Bliss Mineral Cosmetics at

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8 Honey Beauty Tips

According to the dictionary, honey is a sweet yellowish or brownish fluid produced by various bees from the nectar of flowers. Besides using honey as food, did you know that honey is one of the oldest and most effective beauty aids?

Honey contains waxes, sugars, and traces of minerals. It is a natural moisturizer, as well as an anti-irritant making it suitable for sensitive skin types. Honey can be found in many of the beauty products you find in your local drug store or favorite beauty supply store. Some of these products can be very expensive to purchase and many of these products can be made at home.


Try some of the following honey beauty tips below. Please be sure not to use honey on your skin if you are allergic to it!

1. Honey mask: Apply pure honey to your face and allow it to set until dry. This will take about 15 minutes. Once dry, rinse your face with warm water.

2. Body glow bath: To moisturize, smooth, and get an all over body glow, keep a jar of honey next to your bath. Apply honey on your skin and pat dry using both hands. While patting your skin, the honey will get sticky and gently pull up your skin. Rinse away the honey when you are done. The results will be great circulation and beautiful, glowing skin!

3. Honey bath: For sweet smelling and soft skin, add ¼ to ½ cup of honey to your bath water.

4. Honey scrub: Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with a little almond flour into the palm of your hand. Gently apply on your face for a facial scrub. Rinse your face with warm water to remove honey scrub.

5. Daily facial cleanser: Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with a little milk powder into the palm of your hand. Apply on your face to clean away dirt and makeup and then rinse with warm water.

6. Shiny Hair: To add some shine to your hair, mix 1 teaspoon of honey, a squeeze of fresh lemon, and 1 quart of warm water. Shampoo your hair as usual and then pour the honey mixture on your hair. Allow your hair to dry as normal. You do not have to rinse out the honey mixture.

7. Hair conditioner: For healthy hair and scalp, combine ½ cup of honey and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Saturate your hair with the honey mixture, put on a shower cap and allow it to remain on hair for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, shampoo and rinse your hair as you normally do.

8. Skin toner: To firm, smooth, and moisturize your skin, combine 1 peeled, cored apple with 1 tablespoon of honey in a blender. Pulse honey mixture until smooth. Gently apply honey mixture on face and allow it to remain for 15 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water to remove the honey mixture.

With the above beauty tips, you can create affordable spa-like products at home. Honey is a wonderful beauty product because it contains naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Be sure your honey is all natural by purchasing only 100% pure honey to create your beauty products.

8 Honey Beauty Tips

Lesley Dietschy is a freelance writer and the founder of - The Home Decor Exchange is a valuable website full of information and resources about home and garden decorating.

In addition to editing the Home Decor Exchange website, Lesley is a crochet pattern designer and needle fiber artist. You can view her crochet patterns and needle fiber designs at:

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Makeup For Acne - Tips For Concealing Pitted Acne Scars

Acne scars are a lasting reminder of acne, whether recent or from years ago. While there are different surgical procedures for reducing or eliminating these scars, most people rely on some form of concealer makeup to cover them up. Depending on the type of acne scar you want to cover, you will need to use different techniques and makeup.

There are several different types of acne scars, including pitted, raised, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (which is not technically a scar). The methods discussed in this article address the ways to cover pitted scars, such as icepick, boxcar, or other depressed scars. These types of scars present a challenge to conceal since they are not even with the rest of the skin.


In order to best conceal pitted acne scars, you will first need to use a filler to raise the scar as much as possible to the same level as the rest of your skin. Two ways you can do this are with:

  • Wrinkle fillers. If they can fill wrinkles, then they can do the same with pitted scars. While these are unlikely to raise the scar significantly and are only temporary, they can reduce the amount of concealer you need to fill the scar.

  • Thick, creamy concealers. A thick concealer that is the same color as your skin can be applied with a very small concealer brush. Apply a small amount of concealer to the pitted portion of the scar. Dab and blend carefully so that the concealer stays in the scar and the edges blend with the rest of your skin. A couple good concealers for scars are Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealer and Smashbox High Definition Concealer. Cover FX also has a very wide range of colors for concealing scars on the face or body.

Tips for the best coverage:

  1. Always look for a concealer that is as close to your skin tone as possible. If anything, use a slightly lighter tone, since a depressed scar can cast a slight shadow, making it look darker.

  2. If the scar is discolored, use a corrector first in green (for red scars) or yellow (for bluish scars). Peach colors can also work with scars that have a blue tint. Use concealer after the corrector, if necessary, to even out the color to match the rest of your skin.

  3. If applying foundation, put it on after using any wrinkle filler but before your concealer. If you apply foundation after concealer, you risk wiping off the concealer that you just worked so hard to apply. Also, you may need less concealer after applying foundation.

  4. Always set your concealer with a loose powder. This will set it and keep your makeup from smearing during the day. This applies to both face and body makeup.

While it is possible to conceal your acne scars, it is still best to prevent them in the first place. Any time you get acne, whether it is just one pimple or many, treat it right away and keep your hands away from your face. Be particularly careful of any inflamed areas since these are the blemishes that are most likely to result in scars. There is no real substitute for the advice of a dermatologist when you have moderate to severe acne. However, do not wait until your acne is bad to start treating it.

Makeup For Acne - Tips For Concealing Pitted Acne Scars

Check out the large assortment of makeup for acne prone skin at the Makeup for Acne Store.
Look for my latest review of Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer, which is a great heavier concealer for acne and acne scars.

Sharyn Sheldon is a corporate learning consultant and mother of three teenagers who has battled acne most of her life. As a makeup lover, she is always on the lookout for great makeup that will not only conceal acne, but achieve any look desired without aggravating acne further.

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The Perfect Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day

It's important that your makeup look its absolute best for your wedding day. Whether you plan to marry on a beach at noon or at night under the stars, by keep your makeup simple you will look and feel great. You don't want to much, nor too little, a natural look is very important. This is not the time to be experimenting with new looks. Your makeup should enhance your beauty not hide it. Here are some tips to help with you achieve your pefect bridal makeup:

  • If you are having a facial done, make sure it is at least two weeks prior to your wedding.
  • If your skin is prone to breakouts, see your dermatologist 3 or 4 months before your wedding
  • Staying hydrated is important to keeping you looking refreshed. Drinking lots of water will also flush out impurities from the skin.
  • Eyebrows should be shaped 5-7 days before the wedding. Be sure not to pluck on your wedding day because you could land up with unattractive red bumps that are difficult to cover.
  • On your wedding day blend your makeup well and let set. You do not need extra makeup to please the camera - that's a myth.
  • Choose a lipstick that lasts. Apply just prior to walking down the isle. Go easy on the lip liner. Be sure to check that you don't have lipstick on your teeth.
  • Line and fill mouth with a neutral pencil to make lipstick stay on longer.
  • To lengthen wearing time of your lipstick, apply a light layer of powder over your lipstick then apply another layer of lipstick
  • If you are doing your own makeup, see a beauty consultant and purchase your make up at least 3 months in advance. Then practice until you've got the perfect makeup.
  • Waterproof mascara is a great idea just incase you get a little weepy.
  • A very light application of facial powder will set your makeup and reduce
  • Keep your powder, mascara, and lipstick in your purse so you can freshen up at a moments notice.
  • If you discover that dreaded pimple on your wedding day, do not squeeze it! Just apply a drop of visene to get the red out, cover with concealer, and apply foundation.
  • Wear a button shirt when applying your makeup so you don't mess up your makeup. When slipping into your gown put a towel over your face so you don't get makeup on your wedding dress.
  • Avoid glittery or dewy looks - these are not very receptive for photographs and you may come out looking greasy
  • If your wedding is outside be sure to apply sunscreen first
  • Water based foundation looks most natural in photos
  • For eye contouring, apply a dark but neutral in the crease of the eye. You can line the upper and lower lids (optional) with brown or grey shadow, smudging the outer corners
  • If you need to make your eyes look wider or brighter, use a white pencil to line the inside of the lower lids.
  • Don't get too much sun before your wedding. Sunburns, peeling skin and tan lines can sabotage your special day.
  • Make certain your wedding photographer is "not" using grainy film, because no matter how good your makeup is, with grainy film it will not look good
  • Make sure your wedding photographer is using high quality film so your photos do your wedding makeup justice
  • For your makeup to look good in your photos, it must be completely matte and in neutral tones, brides usually prefer a little color. Pastels look soft and pretty, but avoid glitter, shimmer and frosted eyeshadows.
  • Shine is the #1 enemy for photos.
  • Don't apply white or black eye shadow
  • Olive complexions should not use gray shades
  • Pale complexions should not use vibrant colors.


To relieve stress you can have a makeup artist do your wedding day makeup. If you enjoy doing your own makeup but need some more tips, visit a makeup consultant.

It's your day! You are going to look absolutely beautiful!

The Perfect Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding Day

Sher from Estate Jewelry International has been serving customers for over 20 years, providing fashion, jewelry, and wedding help. So stop by and visit us at We'll help you make your fashion statement! Remember looking good doesn't have to cost a fortune!

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How to Get Inexpensive Makeup With Great Quality

Makeup can be expensive if you don't know what you're doing. While lush, famous cosmetics brands can be tempting, they can really put a hole in your wallet. To avoid going broke over your beauty routine, there are ways to get inexpensive makeup that have just as good quality as the expensive stuff.

Follow these tips and you're sure to find just what you're looking for.


Find Stores that Sell Makeup as a Side Business

When you go to a store that specializes in makeup, you'll likely find that they sell it for a higher price than you're willing to spend. A little known trick is to visit stores that specialize in other things, but that still sell makeup. For instance, Claire's is most known for their accessories. They sell jewelry, hair clips, and purses. You may not know that they also sell makeup. Not only are their cosmetics lower in price, but they also have regular sales on their items. Don't worry, this isn't cheap makeup. You are actually getting good quality for the price.

Another great store to buy makeup is Hot Topic. This store is most known for its clothing, accessories, and music. While their cosmetics selection is normally reasonably priced, you can find a lot of great deals if you buy inexpensive makeup from their clearance section. Buying makeup from different stores can save you a lot of money. Next time you go to the mall, don't forget these and similar stores while you're there.

Don't Forget the Drug Store

Drug stores are a great way to get inexpensive makeup that also happens to be of a great quality. You can find many brands here so there's always a chance you'll find something you like. Some of the best inexpensive cosmetics brands at drug stores include Cover Girl, Loreal Paris, Rimmel London, and Revlon.

Although prices are already low for drug store makeup, there are ways to get it for even less money. Keep an eye on the weekly advertisements for these stores. There are usually deals every week on one or more of the makeup brands they sell. You can often find 'buy one, get one free' or 'buy one, get one half off' on the entire stock of a certain brand. If you wait to buy your goods for these occasions, you'll save a lot of money.

Host a Cosmetics Party

Did you know that there are brands of makeup out there for which people host parties? It's true. For cosmetics brands like Avon and Mary Kay, you can hold one of your own parties. All you do is get into contact with a representative in your area. They will help you set up your party. The more people you invite to this, the better. Not only will you have a lot of fun, but you'll actually get a great amount of makeup for free and at a high discount. Makeup party hosts will get free samples from the makeup representative. You'll also get discounts and free goods based on how much makeup your guests buy. This is a good way to build friendships and acquire mass amounts of cute cosmetics.

Use Auction and Trading Websites

If you have a particular affinity for high class, expensive makeup, such as MAC, NARS or Stila, you can still get them for less money when you use an auction website. EBay tends to be the best place to get inexpensive makeup from these brands. Just keep an eye on the different auctions and bid on items that look good. You may want to do a bit of research to make sure that you are saving enough money on what you find. In order to ensure that you get what you wanted, only bid on items from sellers with great feedback.

Now that you know a bit about how to find inexpensive makeup, you'll be able to build a tremendous beauty stash with the least amount of money.

How to Get Inexpensive Makeup With Great Quality

Trisha Bartle is not only an accomplished freelance writer, but a popular makeup blogger as well. You can learn more makeup tips and tricks at her website: You can also learn more about her writing in general at her portfolio website:

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Cheap Skin Care Products - Could the Best Be the Cheapest?

Do you believe that cheap skin care products are poor quality skin care products? If so then keep reading, you might be surprised. Cheap skin care products can in fact be the best you can get.

The anti-aging and skin care industry is a huge one, I've seen estimates of figures around billion a year. So there's a lot of money to be made in cosmetics and skin care products.


And aren't some of them expensive? The big brand name companies certainly don't offer any cheap skin care products in their anti-aging ranges.

Is it the case that the more you pay the better quality product you get or is it possible to pay less for your anti aging skin care and get better products?

Lets have a look at some of the factors involved.

I'm sure you're familiar with the big brand name anti aging and skin care companies. You see their ads on the TV all the time, with big name celebrities promoting their products. You see their products on the shelves too, everywhere.

Those are two factors that ensure that their products are in fact some of the most expensive anti-aging products available. The marketing, and the distribution methods.

Because the saturation television marketing is extremely expensive, and those celebrities have to be paid big bucks too. All this goes on to the top of the product price as it all has to be paid for.

Then of course they can afford to keep the price high, because they're paying a lot for the marketing so everyone knows their name, so they can price their products higher because - everyone knows their name. And everyone assumed the products must be good because - everyone knows their name.

And because those anti-aging skincare products are sold through well known department stores there is an extra layer of distribution costs involved, because all those retailers want their pound of flesh too.

And then of course there's the manufacturing costs. Many big name companies do not manufacture their own products, they contract their manufacturing out to other manufacturing companies who also need to make their profits as well.

So all these add up to make sure that the big brand name products are very expensive, and of course the advertising supports all of this by trying to convince you that they need to be expensive as they are the best.

Would it surprise you to know that the most expensive skin care and anti-aging products are not in fact the best? In fact some do very little at all and some even have ingredients in them that are suspect to your health or even dangerous.

In a market like this it is very difficult for a small niche company to break into anti-aging skin care products and compete head to head with the big boys. It takes way too much money to do that.

So one company at least, that makes what are probably the finest skin care anti-aging products on the planet, competes very differently. And when you buy their anti-aging products you get cheap skin care products that are far from cheap quality, and are in fact some of the finest skin care you can get.

They manufacture their own products, which are put together entirely from natural ingredients, as customer safety is their highest priority. They don't sell through retailers, to avoid the costs of extra margins on their products.

And they price their products very competitively and back their products up with a 100% money back guarantee. They do this because they offer skin care products cheaper than the big name companies, because they know their anti-aging products are so good that once they have a customer they have one for life, so they make their profit over time.

They do make cheap skin care products, but they are cheap in cost, not quality. In fact their products usually contain far more active ingredients than the ones you're probably using now.

And they don't do any TV or media advertising, so there is no celebrity to pay, and no massive marketing budget. They let their products, and word of mouth, do the selling.

It's the only way to compete in a massive market with big players. Make sure you sell your skin care range cheaper than the big boys, make it the finest money can buy, make it safe and all natural and let your product quality do the talking.

But you've never heard of them I'll bet. Because they've never been on TV.

Cheap Skin Care Products - Could the Best Be the Cheapest?

Want to know more about Cheap Skin Care Products that are some of the best? Visit Peter's Website Natural Health-Natural Skin Care and find out more about Organic Skin Care Products at

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Makeup Artist's Secrets - Face Shape Makeup Tips

We all don't have the "perfect" facial structure. That's why we need face shape makeup tips. These tips will help each of us apply makeup to bring out our best features and minimize the ones that we don't like so much. So, whatever your question is about your facial shape or facial features, we've got a makeup tip to help you.

The Tools


First, it's important to realize what tools you'll be using. We'll make use of color correcting correctors. Light color correctors can dramatically change your appearance. For instance, mauve or light pink corrector can brighten and conceal dull skin tones. Pale green is used to correct ruddiness. Light yellow corrects under eye circles and other purplish/blue discolorations.

These light colors can help improve facial features by lengthening, filling out and brightening skin. Dark colors will reduce, deepen, darken and conceal features and discolorations. Using a mixture of light and dark correctors (foundations) you can create almost any illusion you like.

The key is to blend, blend, blend. If you are using any corrector, whether it's a color or a foundation that is darker or lighter than what you usually wear, always remember to apply with a light hand and blend well. The light foundation corrector should be only 1 or 2 shades lighter and the dark foundation corrector should be no more than 2 shades darker than your usual color.

Face Shape Makeup Tips

Find your face shape makeup tips below.

  • Oval: This is the "ideal" facial shape. With the use of dark and light correctors every facial shape can be made to resemble an oval facial shape. Oval faces can need darker foundation applied at the forehead and chin to make it less severely oval.

  • Trapezoidal: This facial shape requires refining the lower part of the face with a darker corrector while also using a light corrector at the temple. This will bring the face in, making it more narrow and longer.

  • Rectangular or Square: Correct both of these shapes with darker foundation at the four corners. This redefines the corners into more of a curve, giving it a whole new dimension.

  • Triangular: The triangular face needs darker foundation at the chin, making it appear shorter, and at the temples, bringing the focus towards the middle of the face. Using light foundation along the jawline will give it more balance and depth.

  • Round: Round faces need only a little darker foundation applied at the temples and around the lower face. This will make it appear a little more elongated.
  • ?

    Balancing Your Features

    Face shape makeup tips also include your facial features. If you've got a feature you're not too fond of, like your nose or chin, playing with light and dark correctors can help you adjust how they look. We'll give you the makeup artist's tips on how to do this.

  • Prominent Chin: Correct this by applying a little darker foundation right on the tip of your chin, and blend well.

  • Double Chin: If you have a double chin, blend a darker foundation right on the double chin.

  • Long Nose: Think your nose is too long? Apply dark foundation right on the tip and blend well to make it appear shorter.

  • Broad Nose: Broad noses are easily adjusted with dark foundation applied down each side of the nose.

  • Short Nose: Short noses need a light application of light foundation along the whole top of the nose. This will give it a less defined edge and help it to appear less short.

  • Narrow Nose: Widen a narrow nose by applying a light foundation down each side of the nose.

  • Crooked Nose: A crooked nose is the hardest. Apply dark foundation on the crooked side to minimize it, and then apply light foundation on the opposite side.

    These tips will help you achieve a balance to your features. Face shape makeup tips are some of the most useful tips you can have. With them you can look your very best while still looking like you.

Makeup Artist's Secrets - Face Shape Makeup Tips

Lynn Starner is the proprietor of Beauty Bliss Mineral Cosmetics at

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The Truth Behind Cleopatra's Beauty

Cleopatra was renown for her beauty. She seduced Julius Caesar and then Mark Anthony. That alone should be proof that she must have been the most beautiful woman in her time.

Yet British archeologists unearthed silver coins that say otherwise. Her image on those plains were far from the ravishing beauty one expects to see. So why did the two most powerful men in her time fall for her?


For one thing, she was the queen of Egypt. Then again, her suitors ruled the Roman Empire. They could have had any woman they wanted.

There are several possibilities. Maybe society's perception of beautiful features in those days are different from modern society's view. Look at the 17th century paintings of nude beauties drawn by Ruben. In those days, those women were considered great beauties. Today, women like that would be considered fat and not beautiful by modern standards. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

One thing remains the same through the ages. Beauty is linked to healthy skin. The women in Ruben's paintings had gorgeous skin that glowed. Cleopatra and other egyptian queens are known to follow beauty regimes that focus on giving them beautiful skin. Baths in milk and honey. The use of aloe vera for their skin. All these treatments result in smooth, beautiful skin.

Let's start with milk and honey. Cleopatra is said to have bathed in milk and honey baths. Milk contains lactic acid, a form of alpha hydroxy acid which you would find in today's beauty products. It exfoliates the skin, removing the dead skin cells, causing the younger skin to emerge.

Honey is a humectant. It attracts water which makes it a wonderful moisturizer.

Bathing daily in milk and honey would give you smooth, younger, softer skin. If you have a bath tub, you can indulge in a milk and honey bath yourself.

1. Fill the bath with warm water

2. Add 4 cups of full cream milk powder for a really rich milk bath.

3. Add 1 cup of honey.

4. Wash yourself with soap and water and shampoo and rinse your hair before you enter the bath.

5. Relax and soak in the milk and honey bath for as long as you like.

The other beauty treatment that Cleopatra is said to have used have used aloe vera on her skin. So did Queen Nefertiti.

Aloe vera gel actually heals the skin from eczema or other skin diseases. It even clears the skin from acne, thanks to the sulfur and salicylic acid found in it. Both sulfur and salicylic acid are used topically to treat acne. Aloe vera itself is rich in anti-oxidants which are known for their anti-aging properties. That's not all. It has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial properties and heals the skin without leaving scars. Using aloe vera topically also leads to clearer, fairer and healthier skin and healthy skin is considered beautiful throughout history.

The Truth Behind Cleopatra's Beauty

The author wrote about aloe vera at []

Detailed information about aloe vera []

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Spring 2012 Makeup Trends

This coming spring, everything will come back to basics when it comes to make up. Everything is fresh and luminous with a hint of color. If this introduction has you longing for the warmer seasons, then here are the top make up trends for this spring that will definitely keep you at the edge of your seats.



1. A Pretty Flush On The Cheeks

The plum and wintry shades are now replaced with brighter, sun-kissed cheeks. A bronzer will also contour your cheeks and give you such a gorgeous glow.

2. Go For Pastels

As delicate as the flowers, spring 2012's make up will take on everything that this season has to offer. The innocent charm of pastel shades will definitely rock your ensemble. From eyeshadows, shimmery pink lips, youthful brows and lashes along with a touch of pink on the blush... it doesn't get any better than this.

3. Be a Standout With Jade Lids.

This gorgeous color will make your eyes pop and will thus keep them at the center of attention. Minor details such as a thin line of eyeliner and a coat of mascara will help keep everything look simple. Keep your face luminous and subtle with just a hint of blush and lip color.

4. Golden Sheen

Applying some gold on your lids will definitely make you look like a spring goddess. Get this look by applying a gold shimmery eye shadow across your lids. Line your eyes with eyeliner. Curl your lashes and apply a coat of mascara. Apply a little blush on your cheeks and a subtle lip color and you are all set.

5. Glossy Sheen

Since this spring's top trend is the nude look, a great gloss will make your lips stand out. Apply your favorite MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade, top it off with a shimmery gloss to give off dewy and juicy lips.

6. Orange Overload

2012 wouldn't be complete without its signature color. Orange shades are all over this season, from fashion to make up, it will definitely give a unique twist to your style. Orange lids, cheeks and even lips will be seen all over the place. If you want to try out orange lips but are a little hesitant, pick a fiery red lip instead. This type of red has orange tones in it. You can also downplay orange lips with a pinkish nude lip gloss.

7. The Barely There Make up

This type brings out the beauty in simplicity. A natural looking make up doesn't require a lot of techniques and methods. It just enhances the key features of your face by making it pop in the most subtle way. A key tip in achieving this look is by having a good skin care routine. Your make up will definitely last better and make your face look more natural. Apply a soft dusting of a neutral shade on your lids, a light blushing of pink on your cheeks and a great MLBB lipstick.

Get ready for spring time with these amazing make up trends. Let your natural beauty shine this season and choose which trend suits you best.

Spring 2012 Makeup Trends

Reena Mariel, author of Beauty Is My Duty, your online resource for beauty tips and tricks for the average girl.

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Cosmoprof Beauty Supply

Beauty is very important to every woman. To enhance your beauty, all you need is the beauty supplies. It is very important that every woman must have their own beauty supply. Using beauty supplies is also one way of grooming your self. It is very important to always look good in the eyes of every people. Nowadays, there are so many beauty supplies that are available in market one of the beauty supplies that are very available in the market is the cosmoprof beauty supply.

The cosmoprof beauty supply is the right brand for you. You can see their products in any department stores or through online. The cosmoprof is known to be devoted to a partnership providing the biggest and trusted brands in the business that has lots of professional services. They offered "professional only" salon supply distribution. The cosmoprof also have professional sales consultants, convenient location of store, highly developed education, and a wide variety of salon supplies that has leasing option in order to expand and develop every ones business.


The company does not offer online transaction. So, if you want to order some of their products, all you have to do is to call in their store and they will freely deliver your order right in your door or ask the sales consultant to contact you. You can also register for CosmoProf® PROCLUB(TM) in their nearest store. It's for free and very easy to do. And they must confirm you as a licensed professional.

To be a salon account customer, you must meet three qualifications:

See the store listings if you want to set-up an account in the store and if you want through Customer service, you can call 1-800-544-9227.

If you want the Sales Consultant call in your salon, call 1-800-544-9227. There are some questions to be asked by the Customer Service Representative and ascertain your specific needs. Then the representative will inform you if there is an available Sales Consultant in your region and will call the consultant with the essential details.

These are just some of the important facts about the cosmoprof beauty supply and the ways to be an account customer. The products of cosmoprof are known to be durable and reasonably priced. You can certainly get the right supply in your salon in cosmoprof. You will be assured that you will get lots of benefit from their products.

Cosmoprof Beauty Supply

Candis Reade is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about Cosmoprof Beauty Supply, please visit Beauty And Health Site for current articles and discussions.

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Tips For Beauty Pageants

I am going to reveal some top tips for beauty pageants in this article, so if this interests you, then read on. Today, pageant contests are tougher than ever and you need to have that extra know-how if you want to stand out from the competition and take home that crown. By the end of this article, you will have gained some great information which you can use in your next pageant.

So how does the contest work? Well, there will be rounds where you're assessed on your style and appearance; there will be a chance to show off your talent to the judges, and also the interview round, which is often the clincher. You need to make sure you have all bases covered before entering a beauty pageant.


One of my top tips for beauty pageants is to be extremely well disciplined. For example, you need to get your lifestyle into a strict routine leading up to the pageant. Stick to a sleeping pattern, and exercise regularly, making sure your body stays in shape. The right diet is also essential to avoid looking flabby before the pageant.

One of the recently popular tips for beauty pageants is to hire a pageant coach. Many past winners of these types of contests have enlisted help from a pageant coach, and it paid off for them. They can offer you personal advice and feedback on what you're doing right and wrong. The downside is that they are often very expensive.

If you cannot hire a coach, then I suggest you study previous pageant contests, and look what they are doing in the modelling and interview rounds especially. If you can get hold of some old tapes or DVDs of pageant contests, this could really help you to improve your overall game. Also, learn from the mistakes of some of the contestants that didn't win.

One of the most important tips for beauty pageants I can give you, is to practise as many sample pageant interview questions as possible, before the contest. This will strongly help you adapt to answering questions on the spot, and you'll be able to remember what types of questions require the right answer too.

The beauty pageant interview round is definitely the biggest and most important of all the rounds in the contest. This is because beauty pageants aren't strictly based on appearance, and look to find inner beauty as well. A lot of pageants also want a good spokeswoman too, so if you impress in this round then you're a real contender.

These are just a couple of plenty more tips for beauty pageant contests that you should know, before going into your next competition. Keep searching for all the information you can as the more prepared you are, the easier it will all be for you and the more enjoyable an experience it will be.

Tips For Beauty Pageants

What action you take is now down to you. If you're serious about winning your next beauty pageant, and taking home that crown, then I urge you to check out right now! The pageant interview round will make or break your chances, so to find out the best tips for beauty pageants, visit the next page now!

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Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes come in many different shades so let's look at a kaleidoscope of colors to help us to enhance eye color. Colors opposite each other will be complementary so, will work to brighten each other up. For example: Red and green, orange and blue, purple and yellow. Depending on the shade of brown your eyes are will determine the shades of eye shadow you may use to brighten the brown which, may give you the effect of lightening that you are after, especially if you use colors that shimmer. If your eyes have a yellow tinge, try using an eye shadow with a purple tone.

The next thing you need to consider is the one rule of makeup that will always guide you: Light colors bring out, make larger and highlight. Dark colors recede, minimize or contour. So with this in mind you could work with dark eyeliner and light eye shadow colors to emphasize your dark chocolate eyes with black liner, mascara, a smudge of pale pink eye shadow, and finish with lightly flushed cheeks and make your lips your signature. Create lip focus with a red or berry stain. To pull color focus from your eyes, giving the illusion of lighter eyes, go for a deeper shade of lip color.


Dark brown eyes are very versatile when it comes to color accents, and dark brown eyes are such a beautiful feature to have, I would play them up. Compliment your brown eyes with pale pinks, or accent the brown with gold and deep rusts. Have you tried using eyeliner to add definition? One look is to use one sheer glittery eye shadow used all over in combination with a softly smudged liner for a more sophisticated look.

I would definitely recommend you have a play with colored eyeliners. Dark brown eyes look stunning lined in shades of plum mix with a pale mauve shadow, aubergine mix with a shimmery light pink shadow, raisin mix with a mushroom soft brown shadow. Just remember to combine with a lighter shadow or your eyes may look more dramatic. There are various methods of using eyeliner. Pencils are the most versatile eye-defining tools, as you can start softly, blending each layer back if it starts to become too heavy looking. Pencil can be smudged softly, or add depth under an eye shadow for a muted look, or used alone for strongly defined eyes.

Liquid eyeliner is much more dramatic, and can be applied over top of your eye pencil for added intensity, or used under eye shadow to enhance your eye shape. Both of these techniques ensure longwearing eyeliner.

For the most natural way to line your eyes, use a small, firm brush and apply eye shadow as your eyeliner. Make the most of your dark brown eyes, using soft pinks to really bring them out. Use brown mascara for day, and a black/brown mascara for evening or special occasions. Keep eyeliner to a minimum though. Just use it to softly frame your eyes. Avoid all black as it tends to be too strong. Chocolates, deep plums and charcoals smudged into your lashes will do the trick. You might like to try adding a very subtle contour in a soft mushroom color on your brow bone just above your crease and blend this softly.

On the days you feel like your eyes need a pick-me-up, jazz up your eye make-up a little. Graduating your eye makeup from at your lash line to your brow will give your eyes more depth. Use the darkest shade along your lash line, and merge into lighter shades nearer your brow. Contouring and shading can create the illusion of different eye shapes. By using dark to minimize and light to make larger, you can play with altering the length and size of your eyes. ?

If you just want to keep it simple, sweep a shimmery pastel shadow all over your lid, curl your lashes, apply 2 to 3 coats dark grey charcoal or dark brown mascara, and add a few individual false lashes on the outer corner of your eyes!

Have fun discovering your new colors.

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Katie Moran
Katie's Wellness & Beauty Corner

Katie is an ex-model and has appeared in several infomercials. She has years of experience working with make-up artists and using cosmetics.

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A Definition of Natural Beauty

The term "natural beauty" gets thrown around often enough that many people don't actually know what it is. Is it a way of avoiding having to enhance one's appearance for public presentation? Does it mean that a natural beauty only uses things made from nature? Or is it someone who can look great no matter what? To some degree or another, the answer to all of these questions is yes.

To start, natural beauty doesn't require anything. If someone is said to have natural beauty, that person can get up in the morning and still look as though just a change in clothes ought to be enough to appear dazzling. The person in question doesn't need to look like a super model. After all, many super models spend hours dealing with hair, clothing, make-up, and even the right way to stand for a picture or show. No. Natural beauty doesn't necessarily have anything to do with specific body features. A little enhancement never hurts to bring forward someone's natural radiance.


Even though being naturally beautiful is defined as looking great without enhancement, that doesn't mean that someone doesn't or shouldn't use clothing, styling, or make-up to enhance what's already there. For most natural beauties, styling is usually much lighter than for everyone else. In the case of make-up, many natural beauties use colors that blend with the skin so well that it looks as if the extra pigment was there to begin with. Hair styles are usually simple for most days, and clothing isn't always something from the latest fad. For many people with natural beauty, dressing is a matter of what feels good as opposed to what looks good. Ironically, someone who dresses to feel good often looks great!

So what about those enhancers? Are they only made from nature? This is usually the case. Many natural products are priced beyond the capability of some people's finances. Therefore, many people wanting natural products get what they can at the best price and fill in the gaps as best as possible with other products. Sometimes, natural enhances are as simple as not using hair spray and sticking to shampoos that have natural extracts. A lot of people use home remedies to take care of minor problems that occur in the skin and hair. Diet and exercise are great ways of treating the appearance from within. It's always easy to tell who feels healthy and who doesn't based on how they present themselves, and using natural products from the inside out is a great way to feel healthy.

Natural beauty is no mystery. It's easily within everyone's grasp, and no one has to portray themselves as hippies to achieve it. Being naturally beautiful is more about presenting oneself in a style that suits that person individually without major fuss.

A Definition of Natural Beauty

If you'd like to discover how to use nature's wonders to become healthier and more beautiful, read this article: 50 Tips For Ultimate Health, Gorgeous Skin, Beautiful Hair & A Perfect Body by clicking here

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Beauty Fruits For Beautiful Skin

Here are a list of beauty fruits that can give your skin a boost. Give it a try and your skin will thank you for them

Beauty Fruit 1: Apples


Apples are a great conditioner and toner for your skin. They have amazing skin-healing powers and have been used as a beauty aid for centuries. Add a cup of apple juice to your bath to cleanse and soften your skin. The juice of apple can be used as a breathe freshener too. Apple juice when applied to your hair scalp can prevent dandruff. Use as a final rinse after shampooing your hair. Also, remember, apples are filled with pectin - essential for fighting the dreaded acne

Beauty Fruit 2: Lemons

A classic home beauty ingredient. Lemons are used to cleanse and freshen the skin and hair. Use lemon slices to soften rough skin spots such as elbows and heels. Lemon slices also help deodorize and mix a few teaspoons of lemon juice in your bath and you will feel fresh the whole day. Lemon juice can be added to your favourite cleanser or shampoo to refresh and tone your scalp. It also helps prevent dandruff. Lemon rinds can be rubbed on to scars as it aids healing. Lemon is a ,natural bleach it can help to fade out dark spots and acne scars too

Beauty Fruit 3: Bananas

Banana is a great emollient for your skin and hair. They are rich in protein and natural fats and can be used on all skin types. An easy facemask that will make your skin supple is to apply mashed banana all over your skin and leave it on for 2o minutes, rinse off with warm water and moisturize after that. Mashed banana also makes a wonderful hair conditioner when mixed with a 1 tablespoon of honey. Perfect for keeping hair beautiful even if dyed regularly

Beauty Fruit 4: Pineapple

Like papaya, pineapples are great skin softeners, which cleanses and rejuvenates dull and dry skin. Use pineapple slices on rough skin spots like knees, elbows, and heels. Use a slice of pineapple as you would a sponge or loofah to scrub your body in the bath or shower.

Beauty Fruit 5: Papaya

Papaya- rich in papain enzyme and Vitamin A, is the best treatment for exfoliating your skin. For having a fresh and glowing skin apply mashed papaya and 3 teaspoons of aloe vera gel and massage all over your body monthly. Leave on your skin for no more than five minutes and rinse thoroughly. Use it with caution for the first time as it may sometimes irritate sensitive skin.

Beauty Fruit 6: Peaches

Peaches are highly emollient and perfect for dry skin types. Mash a fresh peach and combine with a tablespoon of plain yogurt to make a smooth paste. Apply on the skin and leave it on for 20 mins and then rinse off with warm water. Your skin will feel moisturized and supple to the touch.

So, why not start munching on all these healthy fruits and leave some to be applied on your skin too. They are scrumptious and oh so irresistible. They can satisfy your sweet tooth and none of the calories!

Beauty Fruits For Beautiful Skin

For beauty tips and secrets:

A laugh a day keeps your worries at bay:

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Japanese Beauty Secrets - Ancient Japanese Beauty and Skin Care Secrets Exposed

Even today it is said that Japanese women may have the longest life expectancy amongst all over the world's population. Japanese girls can keep their face whiter, smoother, softer and even younger for a long period of time.

You need not to be a Japanese girl in order to experience the beneficial effects of traditionally beauty products in Japan. There are many products that include face creams, eye cream, masks, etc. These products project the traditional ways responsible for the beauty and health for the skin.


Here are certain secrets of Japanese women beauty and their skin care since their ancient times:

· Japanese thinks that vitamin C is very good for their skin which makes them white. For this, they usually eat oranges which deoxidize and break up melanin that result in whiter skin.

· They make use of Azuki, which is a kind of red bean. It is a centuries old ingredient in Japan which should be rubbed on the face gently that will keep the face smoother and away from blemishes.

· Make use of signature oils instead of any oils on your face. This can be used to clean the face properly and helps as cleansing and toning of your face.

· Komenuka rice bran is a super ingredient that is used by Japanese. It nourishes your skin and helps to keep them younger. It also prevents wrinkles, dark circles under your skin and controls skin's natural oil.

· Oriental herbs are used to care for skin. This will helps to fight with dryness and makes your skin beautiful.

· Exfoliation is used as a clear gel that removes dullness and dead skin cells from your face.

· Wakame kelp is a kind of sea algae found in waters of Japan and is one of the best ways to care your skin naturally. This protects the skin from UV rays of sun and from damaging the skin from pollution. It also protect from fine lines and dark eye circles.

Japanese Beauty Secrets - Ancient Japanese Beauty and Skin Care Secrets Exposed

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