Gold Cosmetics

Gold has been used from the ancient times as a luxurious and beautifying product among other things. The ancient Chinese used gold as a key product for youth and regeneration. Queens used a golden roller to massage their faces on a daily basis. Also, in India these gold "facials" were thought to make the skin more firm, to reduce the wrinkles and to give the skin a glow.

When rubbing your face with a gold roller or gold based products, the amount of blood brought to the area is much bigger so, the cellular process is speeded and this activates regeneration. The electrons that are in our cells and that are sensitive to electric charges are connected closely with the action of gold. The ions form the cells will become active under the influence of the gold and the broken cellular connections will be recreated.


The loss of tissue elasticity can be fixed and restored with the help of gold. Using gold products, the collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin will be slowed down and so the sagging skin will be gone. The growth of the cellular layer will regenerate, skin cells will be firmer and there will be a visible lifting effect.

If you suffer from sun damage or even age spots, gold can be the cure for all your skin related problems. Gold is used in a number of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, prostate cancer and as of more recently, neck and head cancer. Gold has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with skin inflammation, therefore slowing down melanin secretion.

Gold mineral has properties that can help with ageing problems and also, other healing properties and has been used for centuries and centuries. Gold can also be used for preventing the ageing process and for keeping the young and fresh look.

Gold Cosmetics

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