What Size Luggage Do I Need For My Trip?

Planning a business trip or vacation? The first question asked is always "what size luggage will I need?" How do you determine the size, and the number of pieces to bring? It's really simple. There's a rule of thumb - and then you need to ask some questions.

What works for most people is a wheeled tote for overnight, a wheeled carry on luggage or 22" for a weekend, and the long weekend will usually be the 22" carry on luggage with an attachable tote. The wheeled tote can hold a small change of clothing and a few cosmetics. Keep in mind if you're flying, the cosmetics need to be in a three-one-one clear plastic one quart sized case, with bottles and jars of three ounces or less. You could pack the same amount in a tote without wheels, but we're at the airport for a long time these days, and wheels seem to be the easier way to go.


The 22" wheeled carry on luggage can easily work for the weekend, holding several changes of clothing and even shoes. You will need to adhere to the same three-one-one rule for your cosmetics if flying. Wheeled carry on luggage also comes in a 20" or 21" size for those that are flying on smaller planes, or for those who take less. Wheeled totes or regular totes can attach to the top of the smaller piece and both pieces can be wheeled together with one hand. This is the easiest way to travel. You cannot carry another purse, or briefcase, as you are limited to the one carry on piece and one personal bag when flying. There's usually an outside pocket on carry on luggage or tote bags for your travel essentials and your travel wallet. Your boarding pass and I.D. should be easily accessible when traveling. And don't forget to throw that small lightweight travel umbrella in the outside pocket!

The one week trip usually needs a 25" or 26" Pullman for one person. This size will also work for two persons for a long weekend. It can hold quite a lot of clothing, shoes, incidentals, travel accessories and even an extra jacket. This size rarely goes over the fifty-pound maximum that many of the airlines are enforcing today. Always check with your individual airline to be sure you are following their particular regulations. Most of the newer luggage available now is lighter in weight than the luggage purchased years before. You may want to invest in a lighter piece of luggage, or a travel luggage scale to be sure you won't be charged.

Some of the airline charges are substantial and you may save money in the long run by purchasing a lighter-weight Pullman case. It's always a good idea to take carry on luggage for the important items you cannot afford to lose. You'll want to keep any needed medications, eyeglasses, your jewelry and other valuables with you. The wheeled tote or regular tote should attach to the top of the Pullman case for ease in wheeling through airport, train and bus terminals.

A two-week trip or longer generally requires the 27", 28" or 29" Pullman for one person. The old luggage sizes of 30", 31" or 32" will be considered oversized by the airlines and you may be charged. Generally, they consider cases over 62" when you add the length plus height plus width to be oversized. The oversized cases will usually go overweight also, and you may incur double charges. Check with your airline before packing for the trip. When two people are traveling, you may be able to pack the larger Pullman with just clothes, and take a slightly smaller case for the cosmetics, shoes and heavier items. This will probably keep both of your cases within the weight restrictions.

Many travelers today pack their heaviest items in their carry on bag to keep their larger Pullman cases from becoming overweight. Keep the new regulations in mind when packing. You can no longer pack all of your cosmetics in the carry on luggage or the tote bag. One person may carry on liquids and gels in a one quart bag, and the containers must be three ounces or less. This is the three-one-one clear plastic bag. Since we're putting these cosmetics in the Pullmans, it's making the Pullman case weigh more. And you need to double wrap your liquids, creams and gels to insure that nothing will stain your clothing.

When two of you are traveling, you will usually need to double the amount of luggage or cut back on sizes slightly. You may be able to share some cosmetics and that travel umbrella. If you are going to attend many evening functions where you'll need to change each evening that will increase the size of the luggage you'll need to pack. If it's a casual trip, you may get away with bringing less and packing a smaller piece of luggage. If you're renting a car and sharing with another couple, you'll all have to bring less. European rental cars are usually on the small size so you'll need to take that into consideration. You can often wear the heavy coat on the airplane, and may want to wear boots rather than packing them.

Some airlines have restrictions on the size and the weight of your luggage but may allow two pieces per person. Remember that travelers rarely wear everything they bring. There are also many new travel items like the UBU reversible lightweight jacket, or the OneSole shoes with choices of hundreds of different tops. If you don't mind paying extra on the airline, you will not have to be as rigid when packing. Expandable Pullman cases are wonderful if you plan to bring back a lot of souvenirs. However, do check with your airline, and watch your weight. The more you travel, the easier packing becomes, so plan a lot of trips!

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