Makeup Artist's Secrets - Face Shape Makeup Tips

We all don't have the "perfect" facial structure. That's why we need face shape makeup tips. These tips will help each of us apply makeup to bring out our best features and minimize the ones that we don't like so much. So, whatever your question is about your facial shape or facial features, we've got a makeup tip to help you.

The Tools


First, it's important to realize what tools you'll be using. We'll make use of color correcting correctors. Light color correctors can dramatically change your appearance. For instance, mauve or light pink corrector can brighten and conceal dull skin tones. Pale green is used to correct ruddiness. Light yellow corrects under eye circles and other purplish/blue discolorations.

These light colors can help improve facial features by lengthening, filling out and brightening skin. Dark colors will reduce, deepen, darken and conceal features and discolorations. Using a mixture of light and dark correctors (foundations) you can create almost any illusion you like.

The key is to blend, blend, blend. If you are using any corrector, whether it's a color or a foundation that is darker or lighter than what you usually wear, always remember to apply with a light hand and blend well. The light foundation corrector should be only 1 or 2 shades lighter and the dark foundation corrector should be no more than 2 shades darker than your usual color.

Face Shape Makeup Tips

Find your face shape makeup tips below.

  • Oval: This is the "ideal" facial shape. With the use of dark and light correctors every facial shape can be made to resemble an oval facial shape. Oval faces can need darker foundation applied at the forehead and chin to make it less severely oval.

  • Trapezoidal: This facial shape requires refining the lower part of the face with a darker corrector while also using a light corrector at the temple. This will bring the face in, making it more narrow and longer.

  • Rectangular or Square: Correct both of these shapes with darker foundation at the four corners. This redefines the corners into more of a curve, giving it a whole new dimension.

  • Triangular: The triangular face needs darker foundation at the chin, making it appear shorter, and at the temples, bringing the focus towards the middle of the face. Using light foundation along the jawline will give it more balance and depth.

  • Round: Round faces need only a little darker foundation applied at the temples and around the lower face. This will make it appear a little more elongated.
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    Balancing Your Features

    Face shape makeup tips also include your facial features. If you've got a feature you're not too fond of, like your nose or chin, playing with light and dark correctors can help you adjust how they look. We'll give you the makeup artist's tips on how to do this.

  • Prominent Chin: Correct this by applying a little darker foundation right on the tip of your chin, and blend well.

  • Double Chin: If you have a double chin, blend a darker foundation right on the double chin.

  • Long Nose: Think your nose is too long? Apply dark foundation right on the tip and blend well to make it appear shorter.

  • Broad Nose: Broad noses are easily adjusted with dark foundation applied down each side of the nose.

  • Short Nose: Short noses need a light application of light foundation along the whole top of the nose. This will give it a less defined edge and help it to appear less short.

  • Narrow Nose: Widen a narrow nose by applying a light foundation down each side of the nose.

  • Crooked Nose: A crooked nose is the hardest. Apply dark foundation on the crooked side to minimize it, and then apply light foundation on the opposite side.

    These tips will help you achieve a balance to your features. Face shape makeup tips are some of the most useful tips you can have. With them you can look your very best while still looking like you.

Makeup Artist's Secrets - Face Shape Makeup Tips

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