Animal Testing - The Pros and Cons

There are many people who hold strong opinions about the ethics of animal testing for drugs and cosmetics, but we wondered just how well they have considered the pros and cons of the matter. For that reason we decided to write this short article.

Fine, let us get started. On one side you have the "Pro", the positions in favor:


The number one point in support for animal testing is that animal testing, when used for drug testing, and to a lesser extent for cosmetics testing, should make it safer for humans to use these products without unacceptable risks of significant side effects occurring.

The second supporting point will be that surely society and the drug and cosmetics companies should make sure that everything that can be done to protect human health when using new products, is done before a drug or a cosmetic product is put on the market, and that would include animal testing.

For balance then let's listen to the other side, those opposed, the "Con" side:

The 1st point in contra for this type of testing will be that it is a very big leap on some occasions to say that once animal testing is completed and shows no significant negative effects on animals, a product will be safe for human consumption. Humans and animals can react quite differently to chemicals and the animal tests may be useless in protecting human health when this happens. It is possible on such occasions that animals may be made to suffer without there being any positive outcome from their suffering.

The second point in contra will be the fact that surely there will be some animal suffering, involved on many occasions, otherwise the tests would not be undertaken in the first place

The 3rd point in contra is going to be that it is hard to justify any suffering even among animals for frivolous products, which may include some cosmetics in the minds of many people.

A fourth negative point is that as human tests will be needed, and humans must in the end be subjected to trials on the products first investigated using animal tests, surely it should be possible to find a way to avoid the animal testing stage, in some way.

5th and lastly, against is that the continued use of animals for testing new products may inhibit the development of other techniques for doing the same tests, which could otherwise be devised by scientists.

So there we have all the arguments from each side.

Finally then, what is the "bottom line" here? Is animal testing ) bad or good?

The reply is apparently "Yes" to both questions! animal testing cannot, we are told by the scientists involved, be completely avoided to stop discomfort and possibly some pain to animals, as without animal testing human users would be put at greater risk when using these products (pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics etc). Now that is a mixture of good and bad... You, our reader must pick which side, the good or the bad, outweighs the other.

Animal Testing - The Pros and Cons

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