Recommended Age to Start Using Make Up

Every little girl wants to play with her mommy's make up. After all, imitating Mommy is what little girls spend most of their time doing, and one of the only "off limits" things they see Mommy do is apply make up. Playing dress up is fine occasionally, but when your daughter enters her preteen and teen years, she is going to want to start wearing makeup more often. You are probably wondering whether or not wearing make up is a good idea, particularly for her complexion. When your daughter starts asking to wear it, keep these thoughts in mind.

Proper Skin Care Is a Must


Before your daughter begins to wear make up, make sure she is consistently cleaning and moisturizing her face properly. The age when she will be mature enough to keep up with this task is going to be different from girl to girl, but when your daughter is consistently washing and moisturizing her face properly, she is probably ready to start wearing make up.

If you feel that she is forgetful in this area, postpone the introduction of make up, because she is going to damage her complexion if she does not get the cosmetics washed off properly. Be sure to choose organic skin care products, as they will be easier on her skin than unnatural chemically based products.

Start Slowly

One problem with giving your daughter permission to start using makeup is the fact that she is likely to overdo it at first. Girls want to wear everything, and this can make them look much older than they really are. Emphasize age appropriateness when you give your daughter her first make up product. Starting with a light lip-gloss and foundation is ideal. You can then move to some slight eye make up and some blush. Again, using organic products is ideal, because they will be the most gentle on her skin, helping to preserve her complexion.

Be Sensitive to Her Needs

Some girls struggle with acne and other skin conditions. Preteens with bad acne or other skin concerns may benefit from some foundation and concealer, even if they are too young to be wearing full make up. If your daughter needs the help of concealer or foundation to cover a skin condition, let her use it, even if she is a little young.

So What Age Is Best?

The answer to the best age to start wearing make up really depends on the maturity of the girl in question. In some families, make up is one of the privileges of becoming a teenager, and girls are allowed to start using it at age 13 or 14. In other families, parents keep make up for special occasions only until the girl is a bit older. Some parents choose to give their daughters permission to use one type of make up at a time, reserving the heavier items, like mascara and eyeliner, for the last ones introduced to the routine. Others decide to wait until the late teens or early adult years to let their girls wear make up on a daily basis, as there is little need for a younger teen to wear it regularly in most cases.

Regardless of the age you choose to let your daughter wear make up, be sure that your daughter knows how to properly apply make up to best complement her individual features. Take her to a department store and have the make up artists show her how to apply the products. They will do this, usually for free, in an attempt to sell their products. You do not have to buy the products, but you can do this to help your daughter learn proper application techniques, and then let her use her own organic make up to make herself look beautiful at home.

Recommended Age to Start Using Make Up

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