How to grow eyelashes naturally

     How To Grow Eyelashes Naturally

There is nothing more beautiful and attractive in the appearance of a woman long thick lashes that add mystery and the type of seduction in her eyes. If nature has not given long eyelashes, mascara and false eyelashes come to make them look more romantic. In addition, there are makeup that drive the growth of eyelashes. However, nobody can deny that natural looking long and thick eyelashes are unmatched.
If your lashes are the problem of falling or who are thin and not as long as you want them, you can actually grow naturally. With the help of these easy beauty tips, you can quickly and easily long thick eyelashes, which were not even dreamed of!Tips for longer eyelashes and thicker
• For eyelashes longer and thicker, you must first take care of your lashes. They must follow the rule here is to remove the mask before going to bed. You can also apply some remedies nutritional Caus                           
eyelashes grow longer and stronger.• One of the most effective tips to grow eyelashes naturally is to apply olive oil or petroleum jelly (Vaseline alias) for the tabs and left overnight. Wash in the morning.• Vitamin E is another ingredient well known for its properties to develop their eyelashes. Specialists highly recommended to apply vitamin E oil to your eyelashes twice a day using a cotton swab. It is advisable to apply a portion of this formula in the morning before applying makeup, then in the afternoon, after removing makeup.• It is well known that castor oil is an ideal remedy to make your hair grow faster. Therefore, it works great for the eyelashes too. Take 1 tablespoon of castor oil and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract, mix well and apply it to your own lashes with mascara.It is advisable to try these natural remedies to see what works for you. Be patient to see the results, they do not come overnight. It can take weeks to see the difference, but you are sure to finally get long and thick eyelashes that will make your friends jealous!


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