When You Have No Motivation to Do Anything - How to Achieve That Motivation Breakthrough

You're not sure how it started but you wake up one day and realize that you have no motivation to do anything. You have a good set of friends but you can't be bothered to meet up with them. You know you should exercise, but hey, that just sounds like hard work and come on, that would involve leaving your house.

Well done to you though. At least you have taken the first step by searching for an answer online which is probably how you have stumbled upon this article.

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How do you achieve a motivation breakthrough? Here are some motivational tips for you.


Perhaps it's not a question of motivation. Perhaps you are simply physically rundown. Or you might be suffering from a mild depression. Get yourself to a doctor first and make sure you do not have any physical ailments that are creating a mind-funk. Blood tests might show a hormone imbalance, or a key vitamin deficiency. And if you've been gorging on saturated fats, sugar and alcohol, the reason for your lack of motivation and energy could be right there. Try to take some kind of exercise, even if it's a short daily walk. I know this sounds like a boring solution, but it is true that exercise can produce endorphins which make you feel good, and it will get the blood and oxygen circulating around your brain too.


Most people get into a rut or a 'lazy-phase' once in a while. If you start to punish yourself for not getting anything done, or not even wanting to get anything done, it could turn into a vicious cycle.

This may be a phase that will not last forever. Do not punish yourself about it, it's okay to be lazy from time to time. As long as it does not turn from weeks to months.


We have grown up in a competitive world. At school, you are judged on winning or losing: exams, sports events, spelling bees. Could it be that you are not motivated to do something because deep down you don't think 'you can win?'. For example, even if you cleaned up the garage, something your girlfriend has been nagging for you to do for ages, once the garage has been cleaned, she will probably start nagging about something else anyway, so what is the point? You can't win? Or, you have always wanted to set up your own business, but deep down you don't think you're a Richard Branson, so why bother? Life is not a race, it is not a competition. It is your life so try not to judge yourself against others.


Just concentrating on something for a mere five minutes a day can bring more success than you could ever think possible. Vince Panella in his fantastic book "The 26-Hour Day", dedicates an entire chapter to the amazing power of five minutes. If you improve your life by just 1.5 percent, five days a week, in one year, you could see 300 percent improvement! In two years, that becomes 1,000 percent. In most cases, just five minutes of concentrated effort a day can produce that 1.5 percent improvement. So, put aside about your never-ending to-do list, or your grand dreams, buy a kitchen timer, set if for five minutes and just concentrate on one thing, no matter how small it may seem, just one thing for five minutes every day and you will be surprised at the results.


The way you start your day can be key to how the rest of your day progresses. Set your alarm clock and the moment it sounds, leap out of bed and pretend you have bags of energy and purpose. Just pretend. After a few days your brain will start to subconsciously believe it.

Just pick one area of your life important to you now and start to work on it. And you just might achieve that motivation breakthrough you've been seeking.

When You Have No Motivation to Do Anything - How to Achieve That Motivation Breakthrough

Gemma Swansburg wishes you success as you reach for a motivation breakthrough. Read more of her writing including her latest article, a set of Luminess Tan Reviews with news and best offers on airbrush makeup cosmetics. And check out the hilarious pic on her mini-site featuring more Luminess reviews

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