“British Style Genius”

Burton, a leading retailer of men's clothing in the UK, is being featured in a new BBC series, "British Style Genius", which takes a look at what makes British fashion and style if distinctive and influential.
With five one-hour programs, "British Style Genius" examines the looks and trends that have come to define British style, street fashion range fit this style of street fashion rebels to traditionalists.

Burton will appear in the second episode of the series entitled "A Cut Above - The Look as" asking Burton history and experience in the fashion world as. Episode looks at the evolution of men's suits and other securities clothing in recent years, highlighting the different styles and looks.

With a history of men's fashion in 1903, Burton is a key element in episode 2 of the new series, which details the changes in the formal and casual fashion throughout the year, with comments on the coats man, jackets and trousers.

The BBC has compiled the series based on a collection of interviews with industry experts, including designers, models, stylists and business tycoons. Star of the series are fashion icons Kate Moss and Twiggy famous designers Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, and actors Michael Caine and Roger Moore.


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