Avocado and Skin Health

Avocados are widely known to be great sources of Vitamin E. But avocado and skin health advisories say that there are more health benefits that one can acquire from eating avocado or drinking avocado shakes. Vitamin E is very vital in the normalcy of bodily functions and it's considered to be an effective antioxidant. Antioxidants are supposed to protect polyunsaturated fatty acids in the membranes of body cells from free radical's harmful nature. Free radical and unwanted toxins are obtained through the food, beverage and air taken in by our body. When situations go worse, these free radicals can eventually trigger cancer and other diseases.

Avocado and skin health relatively connect to one another in a sense that avocadoes have been tested to have the most effective sunscreen benefits as compared to jojoba, coconut, olive, apricot kernel and sesame. The oil that avocado extracts is good in toughening the skin by triggering production of collagens. This means your wrinkles are reduced and your skin tone is enhanced. As compared to soy, olive or almond oil, avocado oil can penetrate the skin at the highest mechanism and allows the transportation of necessary nutrients from the outer to the deepest layer of the skin. Besides Vitamin E, avocado also possesses strong amount of Vitamin C which is required for the optimum production of collagen. Collagens are held responsible for the development of new cells and tissues that avoid the viruses and bacteria from entering.

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Avocado also provides a considerable amount of thiamine that modifies carbohydrates into glucose to improve brain and nervous system functions. Riboflavin is also present in avocadoes which are actually a catalyst in releasing energy coming from good fats, good carbohydrates and proteins. Avocado and skin health tips suggest that if you eat avocado on a regular basis, you will help moisturize your skin. It works efficiently as a facial mask that improves your skin's texture. The meat of the avocado must be rubbed against your cleansed skin and leave it for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing. Naturalists have embraced this strategy for skin care. Survey says that regular eating of avocados aides the reduction of cholesterol. Avocado may contain high monounsaturated fat that can reduce the presence of bad solid compound in the body and bloodstream.

Vitamin C component found in avocado is helpful in reducing skin inflammation especially when exposed to sun rays. Avocado and skin health articles also tell that avocado has high presence of fiber and many B vitamins. It has even outlasted bananas for potassium component. According to surveys, fats found in avocados are beneficial in creating body's balance to obtain more good nutrients. Considering all the beneficial vitamins and cholesterol-lowering benefits of avocado, you won't regret if you have to eat some as frequent as possible because it is largely a food for the skin.

Avocado and Skin Health

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