Logo Design For a Beauty Salon, Hair Stylist Or Spa Business

When starting out or re-branding a beauty salon, hair salon or spa business, a great logo design is of the utmost importance. This article looks at what logos in these industries are usually like and gives you some ideas about how to go about getting a logo for your health and beauty related business.

The beauty and spa business is all about personal grooming as well as image and effective logos in this industry reflect that by being neat, classy, elegant and exclusive at the same time.


As modern trends in the salon and spa business are towards natural products based on natural plant, fruit and vegetable extracts, colors for logos tend to be natural and not too bright and flashy. Feminine colors are popular, earthy colors such as light browns work well and light blues are common too.

Fonts tend to be classic with characters flowing together in a style that is beautiful, soft and delicate.

A typical image used in beauty and hair logos includes an outline of a female body or face, either abstract or with minor detailing. Other popular imagery includes, hair, hands and eyes.

Most online logo designers have an extensive portfolio of logo designs on their website. Some even have a specific section of health and beauty logos that they have done and this can be a great way to see what you could expect if you go with one of their packages.

A logo will form the base of your salon or spa branding strategy and will be one of the key factors in determining how customers perceive the quality of your services. Like in the fashion industry, beauty salons and spas can command a premium for their services by appealing to an exclusive clientele who want to be part of 'the club'.

A great logo will give your salon or beauty business a unique image that will take you forward to profitability and success.

Logo Design For a Beauty Salon, Hair Stylist Or Spa Business

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