Sensational Body Lotions and Creams Really Do Exist

I tried many different body lotions and creams to get rid of my dry skin in general, but one dry spot specifically. For years I had this stubborn dry spot on my tailbone. One doctor gave me an expensive prescription, which he assured me would do the job. I was even told to use it all over my body, as my skin was generally dry anyway.

The stuff smelled terrible but I fooled myself into thinking that no one would notice the odor but me. Then one day my daughter came in and said "Oh, good, you're home. I could smell you." I asked her if I smelled bad and she said that no, I just smelled like mom.


I was so stunned I threw away the stinky tube and never used it again. My own child identified me with that odor. I, who always loved to smell clean and pretty was never going to smell like medicine again.

I went to a couple of other doctors about the strange dry spot. One of them told me it looked like psoriasis and would be very tough to get rid of. But I was not about to give up. I tried lots of body lotions and creams of all kinds but nothing helped. I soaked in bath oils. I tried dry heat. Moist heat. It didn't seem to make any difference.

My girlfriend, who loved getting my hand-me-down cosmetics, was thrilled. She refused to spend money on beauty products as she was putting her son through private school, so this was a big help to her. But I realized her skin always looked good because it was olive, with plenty of melanin in it. No matter what she did, she couldn't seem to damage it.

How lucky she was. We always joked around about growing old together and. I was sure I would end up looking old enough to be her mother, unless I found something to clear up that dry spot. If I could fix that, I could fix anything. I just had to keep sifting through body lotions and creams until I found the right one.

Frankly I grew sick and tired of going around from doctor to doctor and store to store. I ended up looking things up on the internet and taught myself all about good and bad ingredients. There definitely are good, honest people out there who won't sell you just any old thing to make a buck. People who care about their reputation. It only took three more tries to test a few more body lotions and creams before I had success.

One day my dry spot was no longer a dry spot. It was beautiful normal skin that blended in with the rest of me. It's still hard to believe. The one suggestion I have is to just use one product at a time. When you're trying too many body lotions and creams at a time it can get confusing. At first I wasn't sure which one had cured me. But once I figured it out I stuck with it and I'll never use anything else again. That company made a forever customer out of me.

Sensational Body Lotions and Creams Really Do Exist

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