Guide to choosing an appropriate model Blazer with body shape

Blazer is a fashion item that really gives the color in appearance. Selecting the right jacket offers people around us impressed with our appearance, but a mistake in choosing a jacket that we in trouble. It is the knowledge to choose a suitable model to suit body shape. This article can be a guide for him.
The body is short: for those with a short body, so you can choose a short jacket and simple, and is part of the body. Body with a short form, then you should avoid full details of long jacket, as it will make the size of the body look shorter.
Body ideal for those who have the ideal position for which you can choose a jacket that cross a little in shape and have a detail that focuses on the hips to accentuate the curve of the body. You can be grateful for this body shape because you can use with various fashion accessories. You can use a belt to show her sexy body. All you need to keep a jacket detailing at the neck, because I make you look shorter.
Narrow shoulders: for those with narrow shoulders size, you can choose a jacket that has a collar. You can adjust the model by increasing the clamp so that it will make you feel sexier. With a body like you need to avoid a new arms fall jacket, because it will close one shoulder higher.

Shoulder width: for those who have a body shape, with broad shoulders, you can choose a jacket with a soft material and has no structure. Avoid all the details on the shoulders of the jacket, as it will make your shoulders are wider.
Sideboard: for those who pose the chest with a small jacket with two buttons or details. Another option is a jacket that are listed, with links to models of size Blazer and tangled with a length below the waist.

Tomboy: for those who have a body like a man, you can choose a jacket that fit into the body and not too large. Choose a jacket that can cover half the length of the buttocks. Belt use is perfect for you who have this kind of way. And then, once you know how to choose a suitable model jacket with body shape, then you are now able to look fashionable jacket. Step with confidence and be sure you own the series.


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