Cosmetics - How to Take Care of Your Cosmetics

Cosmetics are women's best friends. Many women spend lots of money every year to replace and add to their collection of cosmetics from their favorite brands and make up lines. Truly, women are never hesitant to splurge on make-up that they use from time to time. But although almost any woman in the world owns her own make-up, but not all of them may know about the use by date of their cosmetics and how to take care of it.

Why is there a need to take care of our cosmetics? Cosmetics are not things that we can just keep at a corner in our drawer and use through five years or so. They can expire, and at the same time, they may accumulate dirt every day. And because of that, we must always keep in mind that we have to take care of them, just like our lingerie or clothes, because they come in direct contact with our skin. Of course, you might have heard of women who suffered makeup horror stories because of using an expired lipstick, or developing allergies because of dirty brushes. So here are some tips on how to take care of your make-up kit and everything inside of it:


1. Check your make-up for expiration dates. Yes, makeup do have expiration dates like canned goods do. And to use them after they have lapsed, is risking yourself to the hazards of skin allergies and immature aging. Every cosmetic has a shelf life and whether you agree or not, they are not allowed to lurk in your make-up forever. So get your make-up kit right now, and see the following shelf life spans for various makeup: Cream or Compact Foundation: 18 months, Concealer: 12-18 months, Blush: 2 years, Powder Eye shadow: 2 years, Eyeliner: 2 years, Liquid eyeliner: 3-6 months, Mascara: 3 months, Lipstick: 2 years, Lip gloss: 18-24 months.

2. Buy new make-up tools every now and then. Judging from the shelf-life of the mentioned make-ups, you must always make sure you have new items, not just because it can be exciting to be buying new ones, but also because they can be healthier for the skin. If you still have that mascara that you bought back in High School, throw it away... NOW! It will not just clutter your kit, but it must have developed all sorts of bacteria all these years.

3. Always keep your make up kit dust-free and always clean up after use. Although make up kits are sealed and closed, there are makeup that you might leave on top of the drawer while you were in a hurry to leave for the office or the party. Always keep them after use, as they can accumulate bacteria through dust or air-borne pollutants that may cause you allergies or irritations in the future.

4.Clean your make-up kit every now and then. So you must have had that trusty old make up kit since High School, and you have never cleaned it, except for a few wipes every now and then. Believe me, if you put it under a microscope, you will be able to see all sorts of bacteria, including staphylococci, which is a common cause of ugly skin allergies. The most prone homes for bacteria are make-up lids, sponges, blushers and make-up brushes, and the whole of the uncleaned kit itself.

If you are guilty of all of these, do yourself a favor and clean up your kit thoroughly, or better yet, throw everything out, and buy a new collection. And next time, be more conscious with your make-up. Again, cosmetics are in closest contact to our skin, so it is important that we learn all about cosmetics and how to take of them.

Cosmetics - How to Take Care of Your Cosmetics

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