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A few years back, male makeup was a taboo subject. But today whether you are talking of a manly man or a metrosexual man, the industry of male makeup is really booming. But before you whip out your plastic to purchase male makeup, here is a primer of the basics of male makeup. This will serve to familiarize you with what you can expect to find.

1. Skin care basics for men: This did not really deviate from women's skin care. You will find cleansers, exfoliaters, toners and moisturizers. However, male skin is often more oily than a woman's, and as such, male formulation differs. These skin care basics allows the succeeding layers of male makeup to be applied at its best. Also, makeup removers must be prepared so that skin will not suffer from allergies because of residue buildup.

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2. Translucent powder power: males are often recommended to have the translucent powder variety. If you are male and starting out in the makeup basics for the aim of improving how your skin looks, then this is the best way to go.

3. Concealer: A male makeup option that you can use liberally is the concealer as long as it closely resembles your natural skin color. Concealers are best applied after you place translucent powder or foundation.

4. Mineral Makeup Option: A makeup line that you can try is the mineral makeup variety since among the many types of makeup available these days for both men and women, mineral makeup is attractive for its simplicity and realistic look. You can pull off the brushed up look without making it too obvious to others that you applied makeup.

5. Jaw Line Defining Shaving Cream: The particular cream for Ultra is a good buy. It's part of makeup since it involves firming up your jaws for that very mysterious and sexy look.

6. Manscara Mascara: In applying mascara for men, a thin application is sufficient unless you want to become a typecast for a future vampire or zombie movie. Few males can pull off the Goth look, but if you are one of them, liberalize your application of your manscara accordingly!

7. Guyliner Eyeliner and the Rocker Look: Eyeliner for guys is very, very optional. You can choose to apply a lot of it or just apply a super light amount on your eyes to provide the proper accent without stealing the thunder out of anyone.

8. Lipstick and lip balm: Lip balm is always good for male lips. Lipstick is optional and best done when it sticks to male colors, such as a subtle peach shade. Depending on what you are wearing and the look that you are trying to pull, use these two minimally. Subtlety is the key. The more natural, the better it is.

9. Fake Tanning and Corrective Cosmetology for Men: Fake tannings, skin shade blending, firming and hydrating are some of the few products that males can put in addition to their daily basic makeup regimen.

In getting the hang of male makeup, whether you are applying it for yourself or another, practice makes perfect. You will be able to experiment with a lot of styles that suit your fancy over time, for as long as you are able to purchase the products which suit your skin type and preferences.

Male Makeup

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