Kelly Brook reveals the battle big boobs as she models the new range of search mode

Kelly Brook reveals the battle big boobs as she models the new range of search mode
In a series of candid confessions about her body, Kelly Brook recalls how once "fought" with the size of her breasts and told me some of her ex-boyfriends to hide.

These days, the 32-year model is ready to march forward, nothing - but it has not always been so.Kelly Brook

"At 14 years my bra size was 32D and I struggled with it," he said. "I wanted to be ballet dancer None of the other girls were and I remember thinking," Why can not I be normal "
Talk about their great results at the front of the lens, Brook reveals: "I work with photos of myself in Photoshop, and Instagram is great."
Despite using digital, their insecurities resurface when in the locker room. "Sometimes I feel self-conscious," he said. "I think trying bikinis in the stores really scary -. Light is far from flattering, it is a

traumatic experience! "
The beauty says its assets have been worried about her lovers too, after some of them begged him to cover.
Brook, who has dated actors Billy Zane and Jason Statham and rugby player Danny Cipriani, told Look magazine: "I think therefore I am monogamous in this series because it keeps me out of trouble!

"A couple of young friends asked me to cover. I heard a little, and then returned to dress as I liked," Arroyo said, adding: "it No real downside to having this body"
He concluded: "My body is an important part of my identity."
Brook did not try to see size zero in the short term. "I prefer to eat and have boobs, a bum and a bit as false to be very thin and sad, sagging breasts, a flat bum said.
The surgeon's knife on the menu, too, after vowing "never" to mingle with surgery. Comfortable with aging, Brook says, "I hate that look fake. I have the same insecurities any girl, but I have more
I became more secure.
"I'm not worried about aging - if you are 34, which is supposed to look 34. '


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