Spice up a normal jacket, with a look tux

Spice up a normal jacket, with a look tux

For many women, a tuxedo jacket can be as desirable as an evening gown. He breathes an aura of sophistication and class to the personality of each woman.

 If you are someone who prefers tasteful jackets to express their femininity and a different style, try this DIY project. Follow the instructions to convert a simple white blazer in an elegant tuxedo.
degree of difficulty



A couple of hours depending on the skill of the person.

The resources needed

cotton sateen
Embroidery thread and needle
Novelty buttons
fabric glue
White Blazer
parchment paper
a. Trace the neck and flap

Put your jacket on a flat surface. Outline of the inside of the neck and straddles the parchment paper as the base. Add a border around a quarter inch each additional piece, so that when the ring later, it looks good. Cut out the drawing.

b. Create elegant neck and flaps

A document designed the fabric black satin cotton with pins. Follow the design of two parts and cut two pieces of fabric neck with scissors. Wrap the edges with glue fabric to make a hem of a finished look. Another dose of fabric glue will ensure that each piece is stuck firmly in his place designated. Apply pressure on all parties to be certain that attach to the jacket.

c. The tissue in the pocket handkerchief

More refined jackets nestled in a cloth handkerchief. The frame size depends on the square pocket and the shape of the fabric. For the project, cut a square piece about 5 inches from the same cloth. Paste the outside edge as they did at the hem. Now, to form a working part folded handkerchief by crushing and bending of the fabric. Thing directly on the layer as a handkerchief of imitation which gives the jacket a classic appeal. Is it better to use a corresponding thread so that the seam is not noticeable.


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