Russian Fashion Week 2012 on International Designers’ Day

Because of tradition, not only local designers, but also foreign guests attended Fashion Week in Moscow, Russia. Today we present the autumn-winter 2010-2011, presented at the British brands RFW Osman, Eley Kishimoto and PPQ and Stella NDOMBI Congo.

Designer Osman Yousefzada Afghanistan has created a collection rather complex, full of geometrical shapes, which change the terms of proportions and traditional volumes. After all, the designer calls "ethno-architect." Osman does not deny Yusefzada traditional black color fall-winter, but offers to secondary education, preferring soft pastel palette. Main colors prevail in the new collection are ash gray, purple, lemon yellow, light blue, beige. Different shades of pink and fuchsia with bright spotlights in the collection.
Russian Fashion Week

British label Eley Kishimoto dresses are created by renowned designers Mark Eley Kishimoto Vakako and Japanese - for good humor during the next autumn-winter, with bold patterns and bright, decorated with rich colors, patterns and color patterns ethnic. A simple cut and unfussy silhouettes Eley Kishimoto prints are offset by the complex, which not only adorn dresses, tops and skirts and knitwear.

In the fall-winter 2010-2011 PPQ designers Percy Parker and Amy Mill included elegant evening dresses in particular. An infinite number of variations on the theme designer black dress decorated with curtains with gold epaulettes, straps and rivets. The designers admitted that this collection is for fans of the various parties and social events, and sources of inspiration were the "style icons" from previous years (Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor), and feelings of rock and roll london. That is why there are only two colors of the collection of PPQ - Black and Gold. The combination of different fabrics and textures (velvet, silk, satin, leather, fur, feathers), the designers create exquisite costumes, the silhouettes of compounds to be just as good on the red carpet at a party in a club. PPQ dresses are chosen by many stars are not in vain: Lily Allen, Peaches Geldof, Lindsay Lohan.
Russian Fashion Week

The last sign of a "day of" an alien in the collection of Russian Fashion Week was NDOMBI Stella brand, created by the model of Congo and stylist Stella Ndombe Alisher. The new Autumn / Winter Boxer called Second Skin, because in its early designers were inspired by the various martial arts and boxing. Tempting tapas, shorts, tight jeans, leather, wide belts contrasting attributes required of the sport in the things of the tower-style collection Stella ultrafashionable NDOMBI, without losing its relevance for several seasons. According to Alisher aumumn and Stella will be the next sport attractive, seasoned with self-irony. As guests of the day to RFW foreign designers, fashion shows foreigners gathered a lot of stars in Moscow, as Philip Kirkorov, Anna Semenovich, Stotskaya Anastasia, Anita Tsoi, Lada Dance, Yana Lebedeva, Ekaterina Ekaterina Odintsova Polozova and many others.


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