Tips on How to Achieve a Natural Look in Applying Makeup

We all work hard to earn a living. Sometimes, with your mind at work, you rarely think of slowing down. Even your time at home can be eaten up by your job. If you are working 24/7 beating deadlines and hitting targets, then you deserve some time off, not worrying a thing. On your break or vacation leaves, you can spend some quite time on a coffee shop and read your favorite book, treat yourself with some good food at a local restaurant or take some time to stroll in mall or parks and breath fresh air. This is also the perfect time for you to get off your business attires and heavy makeup to look appropriate for work. These are just the day when you can put on your most comfortable clothes and feel relaxed.

On these days, you also can very your face from all the cosmetics and let your face breath. You can do away with it or use a touch of it to brighten up your faces. It can match the beautiful weather outside. You can deal with earthy tones, a simple blush on, or put a touch of mascara. Everything in you could look light and simple on these fuzz-free days when you put on natural makeup styles.

\"natural Cosmetic\"

The lightness of these cosmetics and the natural look that it can bring can only be effective and reinforced when your skin is in good condition. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the beauty of having this kin of application, take care of your skin and keeps it smooth, soft and healthy looking.

To apply a natural look on your face, be guided with the following tips:

1. Look for shades that are not too dark or too light for your skin tone.

2. Use foundations that are almost invisible to your skin. You have to choose one that matches your skin tone to blend perfectly as if you have not put one at all.

3. Do put a concealer to hide all those pigmentation on your skin. It can also cover the dark circles in your eyes giving you a fresh look just right after you have slept well.

4. Your eyebrows should be well defined and make sure you remove those extra hairs.

5. Eye shadows used should blend well with the folds of your eyes. They should be light but not pale just enough to highlight or bring out the colors of your eyes. GO light on the eyeliner too if you decide to use it.

6. Blush on are needed to define those cheeks. It should be enough to give you a rosy appearance.

7. Mascara can also be used just to bring out those lashes out. Look for the ones with long bristles as they can help you achieve a sheer, natural look.

8. To finish off your natural makeup look, use lipsticks that are not too adventurous or not too bright. Select the ones that complements well your natural lip color and define it well with the use of lip liner. Blend them together and finish them off with a neutral shade of lip-gloss.

Tips on How to Achieve a Natural Look in Applying Makeup

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