Exhibition of famous dresses of Diana

Exhibition of famous dresses of  Diana

Princess Diana was a natural when it comes to fashion. From the simple to the glamor which set the fashion trends across the harbor world.She the creations of British designers and their methods are on the cover of magazines and newspapers worldwide. They set the fashion trends for twenty years.

The things they carried, including shoes, handbags, jewelry and hats were discussed. They were a contemporary of the real dress appropriately.

Before the engagement of Princess Diana, her dress and makeup style was not sophisticated. As a caregiver Young England Kindergarten, wear clothes that match your position and made ​​her feel at ease. After his commitment, things took a different turn and his image has become traditional and very British.

This is good news for true fans. Some of the famous Princess Diana's dresses will be presented early next year at Kensington Palace in London.

 The exhibition is part of $ 18.8 million renovation of the Kensington Place, who was his former home. It is reported that "Diana" the exhibition will show some of his clothes that have not been seen in public.

urely be a great success and people love to see some famous jewels of the collection of Diana. Note that the collection of Princess Diana has beautiful jewelry and antique jewelry, including the Spencer tiara, tiara Cambridge lovers knot, Swan Lake Suite, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia necklace, ring Welsh gold wedding ring and sapphire engagement (now owned by Kate Middleton).


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