Eyeglass New Styles for Women

Eyeglass Styles New for Women

The many different styles of eyeglasses can make finding a pair that flatter your face shape simple. The key to choosing a flattering pair of glasses is to think in terms of opposites, according to optician Rene Soltis in "Real Simple" magazine. Choose glasses that are a different shape than your face to look your best.

Square Glasses

Square or rectangular glasses frames look best on a round or oval face, since the rigidity of the square offers a nice contrast to the softness of a round face. Go for a pair of glasses with short rectangular lenses if you want to add length to your face and make it look less round.

Rimless Glasses

Rimless eyeglasses don't have a frame to hold them in place. Instead, they are simply attached to the ear posts with a screw. If you have a heart- or diamond-shaped face, rimless glasses may be your best choice, as they look delicate and dainty in contrast to a wide forehead. The dainty eyeglasses also draw attention away from a narrow chin.
Round Glasses
A pair of round eyeglasses can either make you look a bit like a hippie or give you a geeky, 1980s vibe, depending on the size of the glasses. Stick with round frames if you have a square face, because the round lenses will soften your face. If you go for round glasses, be careful to choose a pair that aren't too large for your face.

Cat Eye Glasses
A pair of cat eye glasses adds a bit of vintage flair to your face. The lens shape is rounded and comes to a point on the sides of the eye. The style of glasses is pretty flattering on most face shapes. For an everyday look, look for a pair of cat eye glasses that have moderately sized lenses and not too much detailing. If you want a dressier pair of eyeglasses, opt for a pair of cat eye lenses in a tortoise print or with small sequins embedded in the corner of the lenses.


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