lace trimmed shortcut / / John in a short cord

 Lace embellished cut-off shorts 

This Sunday night DIY is pretty and perfect for hot summer days, I hope that once the flood is over. Cut Shorts are a staple of summer and can be adorned with so many different ways. Spring / Summer 2012 is all about denim lace and pearls and this cute pair of denim shorts cut with the three, a great composition. And of course, are easy to do :)
This Sunday night EST preparer perfect pour yourself a good time to arrive after the flood CE. Cut Jeans, based in the summer, but there is room for easy recall and better! The 2012 spring / summer are full of jeans, lace, pearls and combine the three short EC. The bonus: EASY. A. DO!
To create your own lace trimmed shorts, YOU NEED:
Pour créer its own cord denim short, WE NEED:
- A pair of jeans cut to length for you (hint: not too short or too high is attached to the leg) / jeans cut in a short ton of option length (hose nozzle: not too otherwise short lace remotera too high in the leg)
- Two V-shaped pieces with lace collar - sequins and pearls mine in! / Two V-neck lace I have mine and the top of the accounts of sequins!
- Needle and thread / Of a needle and thread
- Scissors, Scissors
- Tanned legs, unlike me / tanned legs, not like me
Learn how to do it yourself:
Fold your shorts sideways and place a lace piece upside down so that the two tips touch the edge of the shorts and the top of the V is further up the seam. Pin the lace in place and cut out the denim following the V shape of the lace. Sew the lace to the denim, trying to keep away from the very edge so that you don’t lose the stitch when it frays. Repeat on the other side.
Pliez votre short en deux sur le côté et mettez votre col en dentelle à l’envers afin que les tiges du V se trouvent sur le bord du short et la pointe plus haute sur la couture. Attachez la dentelle au jean avec des épingles et coupez le jean en forme de V en dessous de la dentelle. Cousez la dentelle aux bords du jean coupé en évitant d’être trop proche du bord.
Pair with a cute tee and some big sunnies and you’re looking good !


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