Nail Art

Nail Art

Delicious and good-looking, cupcakes are definitely our number-one choice when it comes to desserts! Well, since we also love them on our nails, check out this easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make cupcake nail art and get ready to impress!

How to Make Cupcake Nail Art
Cupcakes! Yes, we all like to prepare, but especially enjoy these cute and delicious treats! And indeed, the cupcakes are not only very tasty, but they are so cute! A variety of irresistible flavors and a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors, glitter and precious ornaments whimsical these cakes of all time and our favorite dessert. Now you should know that the cupcakes look fabulous on the nails as well! So if you want something different and beautiful, a cupcake nail art is certainly a great option. Oh, and the best is that they are calorie free!
What should you do these beauties? Well, the main ingredients are: two colors of nail polish, one for the base layer and one for the stripes, red white and polished for the cake and the heart, an upper layer, the tools that point. So if you want to impress everyone with a unique design, Camille shows how little reach. For more inspiration, see the tutorial made by the famous cutepolish. Absolutely beautiful and easy to do yourself!
dark nail art
So, are you ready to make some decent wow girls nail art? First, apply a base coat! The color of nail polish is yours. Choose your favorite color and apply it on the nail with the exception of a finger that will create the cake. In this finger to the tip of France instead. Now that you speak with vertical stripes on all nails. Well, do not worry because the lines do not have to be perfect!
And now prepare for the fun part! It's time to make this delicious cake! Therefore, you need a tool to create three white dot overlap slightly rounded tip of the French has already made. Then fill the top of the cupcake. The result? A cupcake full of charm will win the spotlight! And when you consider that only takes minutes to do it!
No cupcake is complete without the perfect embellishments! If icing is butter, flowers, hearts or adorable colored sprinkles, to decorate your cupcakes is a necessity. It's fun and the effect can be truly amazing. And this applies to nail art as well. So once you finish the cake, add a candy pink heart on top! Decorate with sparkles! Finish with a top coat!


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