Anja Rubik is Angie Leg Hip New

                                             Anja Rubik is Angie Leg Hip New
Can Anja's Hip size up to Angie's Leg?
Remember "Leg Angie" Internet meme oh-so-hilarious inspired by Angelina Jolie's attitude strange power to the Oscars in February? If you have 15 minutes to spare, and Google have a long old time. Done? Bon. Now that you are on the beat, I want to introduce hip Anja Rubik, which saw its debut last night at the Costume Institute gala.
Anja Rubik's "Jolie Leg"
Jolie gave us a view of all access to the right leg when she slipped through the slit Versace dress at the thigh, once on the red carpet, and again, during the presentation of an award. Rubik, wearing a dress from the collection risked Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2012 sported a thigh that was a lot, a little higher. The white silk dress open to the full height of the hip bone Rubik, leaving little to the imagination, and to answer any questions whether or not wearing underwear with a fleshy "NO".

Angie's Leg vs. Anja's Leg
Model 28, is currently going Poles as the face of Elie Saab and perfumes Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld by Karl line.
As "Angie leg", "Hip Anja" broke into social networking with Twitter and Rubik pontificate on all fronts, surprise, ridicule or admiration. "Hip Anja Rubik just took my eye," writes @ @ AnastasiaDuck HuffPostStyle then adds. "Still I can beat Anja Rubik dress is: What is this wardrobe malfunction"
Meh. Anyway, here are some pictures of Anja Rubik crazy revealing dress, including a side by side comparison between "Leg Angie" and "Hip Anja" so that you can do at home.


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