Katherine McNamara Gets Assessed

It's not totally a dress "like a lady, lady! Harrumph!" Kind of thing. Not that she looks sexy or anything, seems to have forty. Honey, seems to be working that pole, as you should book now and we can only say "Attagirl," but who is advising you on how to dress to be polite in the rear and pushed into a dumpster. the colors of this dress (and its pair of MY GOD) totally not the colors for you, dear. 

More importantly, if you're a teenager, making his way through various projects for teenagers and among the attractive-at least for now, you should dress more like a teenager. or dressing like a teenager when she had the opportunity to walk a red carpet.
We love to write "teen". Real teens hate it when adults still call it? Then we will continue to use, of course.
However, there is nothing remotely youth or flattering about that aspect. Moreover, we do not care if you use the Disney Channel people, this detail at the waist is a foul and emits the smell of home sewing, which is not something they want to be accused wear the red carpet.
Moreover, the great head of hair siren should go. You are a beautiful young woman and if you want a good job of Disney princess looking to get ahead, we fully agree. But darling, as a teen star is trying to seduce the teenage audience, which really should be similar to these young people wanted it seemed. Those girls anyway. The boy ... Well, do not dwell on what you think about this moment, okay?


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