Makeup For Blue Eyes

Makeup For Blue Eyes

The blue eyes are very attractive and have a special look and makeup for blue eyes, you should choose colors that give a very delicate optimize the visual appearance of characteristic blue eyes.Here we bring special and very attractive makeup for blue eyes give you the basic idea of ​​blue-eyed ideal starting look.Let follow the simple steps.

Apply the wood product in India in their first Mac, as only to cover the base and ultimately terminate the life of the eyes is actually the gold shadow.This helps keep copper eye shadow, long finish term on the eyelid. Applied not only on the eyelid on the other side, away from the lid.

Dazzle Light is the shadow of the first time I was put on the highest peak in the bone of the forehead and just below the eyebrow brush mixed use line.I to 252 for the purpose of dazzling light eye shadow.

For the brown envelope with the script and use the applicator brush and pen 219 has just released a little color from the outer corner of the lid of your eye right one.This after mixing with 222 brushes you can use their own or a brush of 217 and a merger in a circular motion gently mix color.Start from the outside corner.
For external use times-a-tete apply this color with the help of the entire fold 224 external mix brush eye color there and a natural leader fold in place for the next step.

Next, take a few yellow lights for Mac to be applied to the eyelids with 222 brush, apply half of the eyelid and the outer corner to move harmoniously integrated scan to complete blending.Don t 'any color as required by the application is and tones the eyelids.

Now take another marker of choice, I ask your Nyon in black money, which apply at the edge of the eye closer to the eye leads to a brush 219.
Drink fluids Mac coating and apply with a brush to give 263 times and the high beam on your lash line and apply eyeliner perfect coating application perfectly.For learn some basic tricks.You can use eyeliner liquid or pencil eyeliner also according to their own choice.
Apply natural hair eye lashes and apply a little less close to the lash line and apply mascara in two coats to give a natural looking long and curly.


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